Taking the weather with me

I realise that I’m in danger of becoming a very boring blogger who only writes about the weather, but really – it’s insane.

It was so hot today that I felt like I was living in a large oven that someone forgot to switch off. Weakly, I sat by my newly fixed laptop (hooray!!), sipping water and trying to keep breathing. Then, all of a sudden, I heard someone knocking violently on the window. This surprised me, for I am very high up in a very tall block of flats and therefore unused to visitors at the window, so I got up to investigate. It was then that I saw that the sky had apparently exploded, and the rain was blattering against the windows in a very aggressive manner. The air, incidentally,  was still hot enough to bake bread.

I checked that the windows were all closed, and then opened my bedroom door to go in and shut the permanently open windows there. I was greeted with a thump on the head, immediately followed by one on my shoulder. I feared – as you would – that someone had broken in and was launching a physical assault. But no. Apparently, chunks of ice were falling out of the sky, hurtling through my windows at dangerous speeds, and whizzing all over the place. It was out of control.

Clutching my injured head, I staggered towards the windows, and closed them, all the while reeling from a horribly persistent onslaught of Killer Hailstones. I mean, look at this.

These are no ordinary hailstones! Once I regained my senses and noted the graze on my forehead, I surveyed the damage done by approximately 30 seconds of scary thunderstorm. A river of water was running across my bedroom floor, soaking right through the carpet. Ice cubes lay scattered all over the room – including all over my bed, which is at the other side of the room from the windows. Shakily, I gathered them all up. I was going to throw them in the sink, but had second thoughts and put them in my drink instead. It was still so hot that they melted almost instantly. How could they have existed in these temperatures?! It makes No Sense Whatsoever.

And my head is killing me.


One thought on “Taking the weather with me

  1. Awful wet weather in Holland too (although sun is shining today) but nothing like your killer hailstone bombs! That really is wierd. (Glad to hear you have your laptop back).

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