Oh joy and happy wonderfulness…

…I have found a Bagel Cafe.

First bagel in four months! And they have free WiFi. And coffee to die for. It is like it’s my birthday, Christmas, a romantic first date, and a Take That concert where Mark actually jumps off the stage to hold my hand and sing “Babe” to me, all rolled into one. I am tempted to cry with sheer delight, but I think I’ll just come back for lunch tomorrow.

In other news, I was on a boat tour of the famous Rotterdam harbours, I’m currently staying with a group of people from three different countries, I had sushi with a complete stranger, sitting in a park and using chopsticks as if I was brought up in Japan (at last! My lack of basic coordination has been a lifelong problem as far as chopsticks go), I visited the very funky Fotomuseum, and I’ve befriended several backpackers who are, like, wayyyyy cooler than me, dude, but they don’t seem to have noticed that yet.

Rotterdam rocks!


3 thoughts on “Oh joy and happy wonderfulness…

  1. I can TOTALLY tell from all the way over here that the coffee is freaking amazing…………….well done!!

    We literally just decided last night that we are going to hit europe on the trains sometime in the next year or so, we may start cautious but london, paris, wherever the heck after that, you are an inspiration with your crazy antics!!

  2. Natalie – They really are friendly. I’m loving how easy-going everyone is. The mosquitos, too, are even more friendly than they were in France and Belgium – they hardly left my side (or legs, or arms) all last night!
    Ally – Freaking amazing it is, indeed. I’m getting my money’s worth at the hostel, I’m telling you. €10 for bed and unlimited breakfast: I’m on my 5th cup of freaking amazing Dutch coffee so far this morning! :) Glad I’ve inspired you with the travelling thing. You will have a blast – hopping from place to place is so much fun!

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