Pigs do fly

I’ve done so much in the past couple of days that I can’t even remember half of it. I’ll just see what comes to mind for now…

I escaped from Amsterdam and came to Noordwijk, a little seaside town, and have been staying at the Flying Pig Beach Hostel, which is the most fun-filled place I’ve been in for a long time! I love it, and am a little sad to be leaving today. I was sorely tempted to stay on when I realised that their staff is largely made up of wanderers like myself, who work as cleaners or at the bar or reception desk in exchange for food and accommodation. I was offered a job last night and would have taken it without hesitation if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve already booked all my flights. This place rocks, and if you’re ever in Holland, you should make a point of staying here! (They’re not paying me to say that)

I feel a little bit confused about where I am, as I seem to be completely surrounded by Australians. Holland seems to be the place to go if you’re from Sydney. All the Australian accents, coupled with the beach club style of this place (which makes me feel as if I’ve stepped on to the set of Home & Away) has had me convinced that I’m in Oz on more than one occasion. The beach is amazing – miles of white sand. And the hostel itself is just so laid-back and fun and friendly that it’s just like being with an instant group of friends.

I met Adam and Andre (from Sydney, of course) in the middle of a crowded street in Amsterdam, when I stopped them at random and asked for directions. That evening, in a town an hour away from Amsterdam, I was settling into my new dorm when in they walked… and it turned out that one of them was sleeping in the bed above mine, and the other in one next to mine. How weird is that?! I also befriended an Austrian girl named Claudia, and we hit it off right away, playing pool and Scrabble in the evenings and giggling over photos like sleepover girlies at bedtime. I’ve missed that. We grabbed another lone traveller, Tobias, and went on a day trip to Haarlem – a beautiful, quaint old city about an hour from here. More on that at a later date.

Now, however, the time has come to leave, and I’m seriously wrestling with the idea of abandoning my flights and figuring something out nearer the time of my return to Tallinn… but hey, a new adventure is just around the corner! And today I go to Utrecht, where I’m couchsurfing again. I now have hardly any clothes or possessions (owing to having to jettison lots of them, and other items of clothing simply falling apart from repeated wear and tear), and I am a free spirit, wandering around, meeting new people, and learning from life… and I swear I haven’t been smoking weed again*. I’m just high on the experience. And the large doses of caffeine I’ve had this morning.

Coffee Helps.

* Seriously – it was a couple of puffs! From the overwhelming response to my last post, in the form of comments, Facebook messages and concerned emails, you’d think I’d announced that I was addicted to crack. I promise it won’t happen again, OK?!


5 thoughts on “Pigs do fly

  1. bevchen says:

    Sounds amazing. I probably wouldn’t want to leave either.

    By the way, I’ve tagged you for something over on my blog. You don’t have to do it unless you want to though.

  2. looks quite cozy there, from the pics. I only stayed at a Hostel once, in Montreal, and I don’t remember it especially fondly, other than the $12 per night price which was just right at the time…I’m not much of a sharer, I guess. Of anything. You seem awfully fun to travel with. I dare say my trip partner to Montreal didn’t feel that way about me…

  3. Kristy – Thanks! I think my happiness there did actually have a lot to do with being out of the Red Light District…
    bevchen – We’ll see. I might do it slightly differently, but I’ll do it!
    d@\/e – STOP!!! ;)
    Tara – Aww, but you don’t see all the times I spend holed up in a corner somewhere for hours, trying to get my work done while everyone else has fun! I try to make up for it in my time off so that they don’t think I’m really boring!

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