Thinking thoughts of The Sister

all those arguments over which game to play next building forts in the back yard using blankets and Mum’s clothes horse walking to Sunday School together you used to follow me around and I got told off for not looking after you if you fell and cut your knee experimenting with skateboard go karts watching Why Don’t You on a rainy day we had Sylvanian Families and yours were the white rabbits but I liked mine better because they had teeth and didn’t get so grubby because they were brown the time you fell in the back porch and split your chin there was blood everywhere and the nurse gave us ice cream

a schoolgirl crush on Robbie Williams you never complained about having the smaller bedroom your impressions of Mr Bean that always made us laugh until you forgot how to speak in your normal voice and it just got annoying even for you you fell off the edge of the path on to the beach below and I thought it was really funny those black plastic snakes we used to take everywhere making banners for our first Take That concert you melted all your chocolate in the microwave then ate it with a spoon

your dance music made my bedroom walls vibrate the Friends poster on your door curry from the Golden Bamboo we took Candy for a walk and she pulled you so hard you fell and let go of the lead you used to put up an umbrella under the trees at Mrs Simpson’s house so that the birds wouldn’t poo on your head you started to speak in a Cullybackey accent and we couldn’t understand you we read Fast Forward magazine and Smash Hits and fought over the posters your trendy clothes you called me a geek but you looked out for me because you were the streetwise one the times we made up dance routines to songs we used to do a mean duet of Baby When You’re Gone into hairbrush microphones

getting older all those confidential talks about boys we went dancing every Friday night and got burgers from the van at one in the morning putting on make up and going to the beebop shop your teenaged obsession with the colour purple and then everyone  bought you purple things and now everything you have is purple and you’re probably really sick of the colour purple aren’t you our university days together in a new city meeting up for drinks at Droothy Neebors and the Old Printworks you dressed up as a sexy cat for Hallowe’en we did the Time Warp in Jennifer’s flat and the chicken pakora you got from that place near my apartment was raw living together in Ballymena and growing close again you didn’t like it when the cat hid under your bed sitting on the back doorstep together smoking and dreaming about the future I miss you wee sis

This post is a response to a writing challenge given to me by d@\/e. And it was fun!


5 thoughts on “Thinking thoughts of The Sister

  1. The Parents says:

    Po Po Pat, My little Pony, Wac-a-Day,dressing up box, Birthday parties,home video adverts and concerts,Butlins “Oggy oggy oggy!”, paddling pool, water fights, making popcorn and of course The X Files. Ahh David!!!!!

  2. The Sister says:

    O i feel famous now hehe.

    On the subject of Purple (yes it deserves a capital P), did go off it for a while, but have a renewed love of the colour…after trying out several different colours i’ve concluded that Purple is indeed the best of all colours, don’t you agree??! Also excitingly I have discovered another lover of Purple, we have the same purple handbags etc. a very exciting development i’m sure you’ll agree!! Bevchen…how could you give up your love of Purple?? I’m sure it’ll come back evetually!

    Mmmm…burgers from the burger van…yummy + don’t forget the onions!!!

    And i’m afriad the Cullybackey accent seems to be creeping back….ahhhhhhh nooooooo…!!!

    Don’t forget your posh accent from the grammer school education + your Cullybackey accent from work hehehehe..

  3. Bevchen – why, thank you! :)
    The Parents – I suppose the X Files thing deserves a post of its own at some point…
    The Sister – You’ve been famous for quite some time on Coffee Helps!

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