A Special Birthday Moment

“Are you OK?” asked Riho anxiously this morning. “You seem very…” he searched for the right word. “…old!” he concluded with a grin.

So I killed him and buried him behind the bin sheds.

Do you think that was wrong?


11 thoughts on “A Special Birthday Moment

  1. McBouncy says:

    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear HAYLEY,
    Happy Birthday to you…

    I did actually sing out loud :-)

    Dont worry, at least you are still not as old as me.
    My son considered it very funny to tell everyone he met on my birthday this year that I was 40! He then handed out my mobile number and half of Ballymena sent me messages to wish me a happy 40th!!! Can you imagine my delight!
    I replied with “Does someone want a slap?!”
    Anyway I think it did me some good. I have now managed to get over the whole 40 thing, so when it does come around I wont care… well maybe just a little bit less.

    Have a good one.
    Its days like this I miss you. No one to buy a bun for. Or sing at.
    All Hail the power…..

  2. MoNkEyMrS says:

    Happy Birthday Hails, hope you have a lovely day whatever you do. Present on the way. Hope you don’t get into trouble for the murder, least we know who dunit this time!

  3. The Sister says:

    Happy b’day 2 u,
    Happy b’day 2 u,
    Happy b’day 2 Hayley,
    Happy b’day 2 u!!!
    :) :)

    Em…when you kill someone..generally….if you don’t plan on going to jail…keep it to yourself…just a tip for future reference. Not that I would know or anything ;)

  4. HBWolf says:

    Many Happy Returns my dear

    And if you get away with that murder, there’s a few people in my office I’d like you to meet….

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