Workin’ 9-5… or 11ish-7ish (with long breaks).

It is Friday night, the dinner is simmering on the hob, and I’ve just poured myself a nice drink and put my feet up.

For probably the first time since… hmm… April, I’ve just had something that very much resembled a working week. This was inspired by the cash machine’s recent (and rather impolite) refusal to dispense any cash into my hopeful hand, which brought about the somewhat depressing realisation that the gallavanting all over Europe without a care in the world, earning a tenner here and there from random and irregular writing jobs, really can’t last forever. Sigh.

A panicky hunt for work online ensued, and still nothing. Until Sunday night, that is, when approximately a million jobs landed simultaneously in my inbox. Not one to panic unnecessarily, I coped very well with this, seeing it as a happy answer to a series of desperate prayers.

Arrrrrghhh! I wailed, gazing at the screen in wide-eyed terror, I can’t do all this work in time!

This was inaccurate. I couldn’t have done all the work in time if I’d faffed about for most of the day in the laxidasical manner to which I have become accustomed in recent months; however, with a work schedule in place and deadlines noted, I managed it quite nicely, thank you very much. I got up in the morning, sorted out my remaining jobs, wrote and emailed articles, stopped, had dinner, relaxed, went to bed, and repeated the process. It was almost like being a normal person! And now it is Friday. And I am happy.

I’ve even had a comment demanding a new blog post, and several people have remarked on the less frequent posting of late, but, you see, I have no money and occasionally I have to leave blogging aside to write a series of articles on Tasmanian Devils and the like. It means that at the end of the working day, I (a) have no energy to write any more, and (b) have nothing to write about. As illustrated quite nicely by this particular post.

I have earned about half as much this week as I was earning in my admin job in Ballymena. But then again, when I was in Ballymena I was bored and sincerely hated my job. Now, I’m happy, writing for a living, living in Estonia (Estonia! You just never think, when you’re sitting at your desk, that before the end of the year you’ll be living in Estonia, do you?!) and exploring medieval underground tunnels in my spare time. Yep, I’ll take the lower paid job, methinks.



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