Silly Hats

I went to the Russian market today, in search of some cheap winter clothing.

It was foolish of me to leave home with only summer clothes simply because of the fact that it was nearly summer then and warm clothes were (a) unnecessary and (b) too bulky to pack. I can’t fathom why it didn’t occur to me that it would be winter at some point, and that the strappy tops and light jackets would be of no use whatsoever in the prevention of frostbite, hypothermia and so on.

Fortunately I am residing in a country where winter is Very Cold Indeed, which means that the choice of winter attire is vast and varied. Fluffy things are particularly popular: coats with fluffly hoods, fluffy scarves, fluff-lined boots, that sort of thing. This pleases me. There should be more fluffy clothing in the world, I feel. However, choosing the appropriate winter accessories is proving to be a long and intensive task for me – partly because of my limited funds, but also because I want to try the sorts of things that I would never have the opportunity to wear in normal (i.e. non costume party) circumstances.

Estonian people like to wear hats. Incredibly silly hats. And the sillier the hat, the more serious the expression of the Estonian underneath it. Which somehow makes it even sillier. It’s wonderful, actually. They start them off at a young age, too. The schoolchildren don’t wear uniforms, as far as I can tell – they wear hats. A different hat for each school, and oh, what a wonderful variety of hats! Peaked caps, coloured hats, jaunty berets, you name it and they’ve put it on a kid’s head. Despite my firm Anti-Child stance, I have to confess that I think it’s dead cute to see all the primary school children skipping down the streets wearing their quaint little hats.

I want a silly hat. A hat of some description is probably going to be a necessity in the winter here, so it might as well be a silly one, don’t you think? And yet a search of the Russian market today did not lead me to the perfect silly hat. I saw a nice fluffy one, but it didn’t have any horns or ear flaps or tassels or pompoms or pigtails or anything even remotely silly, so in the end I decided to leave it and purchased a nice fluffy scarf instead. Be warned, though. The day is fast approaching when a picture of me in a perfectly silly hat is going to appear on this page.

I can’t wait.


6 thoughts on “Silly Hats

  1. es – wow! That wee thing was in high school?!
    k8 – What a great system! Must be upsetting for the people who don’t know you, though, and who therefore make the mistake of commenting cheerfully about the silliness of your hat…
    MonkeyMrs – The search continues. And in the meantime, I’ve started knitting one for myself!
    Maureen – hmm. Not necessarily, from what I’ve seen, but I think that might be a fun combination to try out. ;)
    Bevchen – a coat, yes, that’s what I need! I am freeeeezing….

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