The search for fluffy winterwear has been ongoing since I last blogged about it. I think it’s become an obsession, actually, but at least it’s an entertaining obsession. I can’t walk down the street without looking interestedly at everyone I pass, taking in their hats, scarves, gloves, fluffy-hooded coats and so on; traditional Estonian knitwear shops have become my favourite haunts.

Yet despite all this, I am still seriously lacking in the winter clothing department. I do have a nice fluffy scarf and an even nicer fluffy hat. I do not, however, have gloves, jumpers, a coat, or (most importantly) a Silly Hat. And being a girl of strange priorities, it is the latter that most concerns me. I cannot find the right Silly Hat anywhere. To be slightly more accurate, I cannot find the right Silly Hat anywhere that will charge less than twenty quid for it, and I am not the sort of person who is going to pay twenty quid for a hat, silly or otherwise.

And so Plan B has come into operation. If you can’t buy it… knit it. Excitedly, I ventured into a craft shop and browsed through the overwhelmingly large selection of wool, eventually choosing a fluffy black one with bright neon colours through it, and picked out some needles. And not only have I been knitting, I have been circular knitting! (I can’t help but feel that I’m several large steps closer to being Crazy Cat Lady now.) It shall be decorated with mad tassels and pompoms and the like. Hooray! It’s all gone surprisingly well, until the present moment, when I am having to take a break from the joining/casting-off three-needle bind-off process before I lose my temper altogether and rip the entire thing to shreds. I mean, honestly. The pattern (yes, I also googled “free online knitting patterns” – I’m getting a rocking chair soon, too) said “Easy Funky Hat!”, and it lied. Either that, or I am not a natural knitter.

There’s got to be an easier way, I moaned sorrowfully as I wrestled with a stitch that was stubbornly refusing to be pulled over another stitch. Like… buying a hat. Riho glanced at me, or rather at what was visible of me underneath a large and frightening tangle of multicoloured wool. Ah, he said cheerfully, but then you wouldn’t have all the fun of making it! He is fortunate to have escaped without some sort of puncture wound.

Anyway, assuming I actually get it finished, it seems that I have quite a bit of wool left over, so my next project will be a pair of mittens to match my hat. A spot of research into mitten patterns online has indicated that these are approximately a squillion times more difficult and confusing than the hat, which didn’t look the slightest bit difficult or confusing when I first read the pattern (and given that the part that has caused me so much anguish came from one simple sentence beginning “To finish, all I did was…”, I can’t help but feel slightly duped). Still. They’re only small, right? How hard can it be?

And just to finish with an amusing observation, I was delighted to see a knitting pattern for the Lovers’ Mitten. This is one large mitten with two cuffs, so that each “lover” can put a hand in, and then they can hold hands “whilst walking in cold weather”.

They really do think of everything, these days.


3 thoughts on “Knit-picking

  1. E1 says:

    i’m so proud of you…learned to knit in the round and the three-needle bind-off (which is one of my favorites)…look for ‘wrist warmer’ patterns – they are gloves without the fingers…your fingers will still be cold, but it will help keep your wrist and hands warmer.

  2. I tried to learn to knit once. I got bored really quickly. If you manage to stick it out long enough to make a whooole hat and a pair of mittens I will be sooo proud!

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