Here’s one I made earlier…


The Silly Hat is complete. Hurrah! I’m thinking of making loads and starting a Silly Hats shop online. You know you want one.

And as an aside, I love how nobody gave me a strange look when I walked through town wearing it today…


17 thoughts on “Here’s one I made earlier…

  1. Nice work! I’ve never had the patience to knit anything other than a scarf. And it usually stops well short of being long enough for anyone to actually use. :) So I find completing an entire hat (complete with pompoms!) very impressive.

  2. e2 says:

    no way! you made that SO FAST! it is super cute. hey, remember that time you were making that purple scarf and came over to knit with us and listen to will and john play guitar? that was fun.

  3. The Parents says:

    We are just back from Blackpool and it was full of hats with tassels, pom poms, long dangly bits and also covered ears as well. Men, women,teenagers and children all proudly showing off their weird hats! Of course, it goes without saying, yours is head and shoulders above theirs! Well done.

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