I can’t knit waterproof boots

I’ve been delighted with the response to my Silly Hat Shop.

If you’ve ordered one, it should be winging its way to you round about now: wear it with pride, and perhaps send me a photo of you wearing it so that I can use it for advertising purposes. Maybe with a statement of endorsement such as “My Silly Hat keeps my head so warm and cosy, and everyone stares at me when I go out wearing it!” or “My Silly Hat is so great that I ordered another one just in case someone steals it!”.

On average, people have been generously paying about 20 quid per hat, meaning I make around a tenner for each one and also that I now have a rough idea of the sort of price tag I can attach to the Silly Hats (still cheaper than in the touristy shops!) when knitting and selling them becomes my full time job. It also means that I have been able to purchase a winter coat: hurrah! Many thanks to my group of Silly Hat owners for making it possible for me to survive winter.

The coat did have to come from a second hand shop, because coats here are – in contrast to just about everything else – incredibly expensive. This is presumably because anyone who is buying a coat in the Baltics in winter is not going to be satisfied with a trendy, sparkly, casual jacket, but will instead be looking for the type of garment that makes you sweat bucketloads and adds about 20lbs to your appearance. I now own such a coat, albeit with a few scuffed bits. I am going to be nice and toasty throughout winter, with my charity shop coat, my self-made Silly Hat, and my slightly dubious scarf purchased for approximately €1 at the market.

The blanket of snow on the ground this morning, however, presented me with a new problem. I own two pairs of shoes: one pair of open-toed walking sandal things (which I think we can safely say are now in their hibernation period), and one pair of light trainers with canvassy bits at the sides to let the air in. Unfortunately, I fear that these useful canvassy bits will also be prone to letting snow in, which isn’t quite so helpful. What to do, what to do? I can – and indeed, I plan to – knit a pair of snuggly slipper-socks to wear around the apartment. But as advanced as my knitting skills have now become, even I can’t knit waterproof boots.

Let it snowAnd as excited as I am to see my weather widget’s predictions for the week ahead, it really does present me with some difficulties re: footwear. I am about to go outside to run a few errands and visit the snow-covered Old Town for the first time, wrapped up warmly, with my feet squelching soggily in my summer trainers. Maybe I should just wear the sandals, since the wetness of the feet is inevitable and the sandals will dry out much more quickly.

Quickly – someone think of something else I can sell online, so that I can afford a pair of boots….


9 thoughts on “I can’t knit waterproof boots

  1. K8 says:

    I would so definitely buy ‘Coffee Helps’ snow-globes if they were on E-bay.

    You could always wrap plastic bags around wooly socks! There’s a crazy lady in Dublin that does that… seems to work for her. Not that you’re crazy of course, but times are hard.

  2. The Sister says:

    Yes i agree, water proofing your socks is deffinately an option worth considering!! Or even beter get some of those bag things some hospital workers/life guards at the swimming pool have to put over there trainers so they don’t get wet….or even better….wellie boots!!! Birght + colourful of course, + a lot less expensive than proper boots!

  3. mOnKeY MrS says:

    whoops sorry, now I feel like a cheap skate for not having paid £20 for my hat, knit me mittens and I will add an extra bit on!!!!!
    Welly boots are so cool, I wear mine with pride! Maybe I could order you some boots cheaply from the internet for christmas if they weren’t too expensive and ask others to contribute-what size are you?

  4. K8 – a snow globe, eh? Interesting… :::goes off in search of jamjars and sparkly stuff:::
    Sister – I have seriously considered the welly boot option. They have furry-lined ones at the market you know!
    MonkeyMrs – Ah, sure you’ve supplied me with plenty of coffee and the like in the past. You earned your Silly Hat! As for mittens… hmmm! We shall see. I still think they look very complicated, but I might have to branch out into mittens too since the Silly Hat thing is going so well… :)

  5. How about scarves to go with the silly hats? Much less complicated than mittens!

    I also feel like a cheap skate for paying less than 20 pounds for my silly hat, but paypal wouldn’t let me use my German bank card and I can’t transfer any money to my English account til after I get paid…

  6. bevchen – ah, but scarves annoy me because they take too long and are just generally the same thing over and over and over and over again for ages! I don’t have the patience, and when I get bored I make too many mistakes.

    And nobody’s been a cheapskate. I didn’t know how much to charge for Silly Hats, so I left it up to my customers! There was no right or wrong amount to pay. And now I know what’s realistic to ask for, so I can set a proper price for future customers! ;)

  7. What about socks then? That should be easier than mittens.
    Wait, I’ve got it… you can knit giant socks and stick snowmen and santas and stuff on then sell them as Christmas stockings. I would so definitely buy one of them!

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