When your friends pull you down

It is nice to be snuggled up indoors, looking out at the snow, which is actually very lovely and sparkly and pretty when you’re not trying to wade through it.

I have just spent an enjoyable half hour watching a guy in an internet company van trying to drive out of the car park at the back of our apartment. I feel a little bit mean about this, as I would have been traumatised if such a thing happened to me in Rio the Clio, but it’s not like I would have been any use to him if I’d gone out to lend a hand. Then it would just have been me openly watching him in amusement as opposed to me watching him, unseen, from a seventh floor window.

Internet Guy made the unfortunate error of driving up the ramp to the top level of the car park. The one that’s uncovered and exposed to the elements. The one where the blizzard raged wildy for several days and buried the car mentioned in yesterday’s post. The one, in fact, that is actually waist-deep in snow at the corners, where the snow has drifted and settled in for the long haul. Poor Internet Guy.

He didn’t even make it to the top of the ramp before his front wheels became wedged in a pile of snow and started spinning wildly. Internet Guy made a concentated effort to advance, but the wheels continued to spin and the van pushed in vain against a solid white barrier, so he paused and thought for a moment before putting the van into reverse. He was not going down without a fight. In fact, he was not going anywhere, because he’d now dug the entire front half of the van into a rather deep hole, and so trying to go back was no longer an option either.

Internet Guy emerged sulkily from the van, immediately sinking into the mountain of slush that his revving had helped to create. You could almost hear the sighing from up here. With admirable calm and patience, he worked his way around the van, kicking away the snow as best he could, before getting back into the driver’s seat and having another shot at reversing.

Wheeeee! It was like the snow was gleefully rejoicing in its triumph as it immediately piled up around its captive’s wheels once more. Internet Guy made an exasperated phone call.

Five minutes later, a loyal friend arrived with a shovel. Much walking around, digging, and scratching of heads was performed as the two attempted to free the trapped van and eventually saw their efforts rewarded by more frantic wheel-spinning and snow-spraying. Loyal Friend appeared to give up and walk away, but reappeared in his own car at the bottom of the ramp. Ropes were attached; expressions were grim. Apart from mine, and Riho’s, which were more of the disbelieving variety. I have never before seen a vehicle being towed down a parking lot ramp and around the corner. I wouldn’t actually have thought such a thing was even possible, but you know what? Turns out, it is.

dsc01975“He’s free!” I exclaimed joyfully, as Internet Guy removed the rope from his van and drove off somewhat apprehensively towards a “down” ramp, having apparently decided against “up” for the time being. And so, my friends, you now know that if you ever get stuck on a ramp in a car park, you just need to get a loyal friend to tow you back down.

I really need to get out more, but it’s quite entertaining to watch exciting rescue operations taking place right outside your window. Plus it’s much warmer this way.


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