And… action!

So, we’re nine days into ’09. Let’s take a look at what I’ve done so far, lest the entire month slide past only for me to exclaim in dismay “Hang on – have I even been outside yet?!”.

2009: Activities so far

* Coughing. Of the loud, hacking, my-lungs-are-going-to-come-out-of-my-mouth-soon variety.

* Sneezing. Aren’t sneezes strange? I always sneeze at least twice. My dad usually manages about ten once he gets going. Would my eyes really pop out if I kept them open while sneezing? I scoff at such an idea, but I’m a little scared to try holding them open.

* Snow-watching. The snowflakes in Estonia are the biggest, fluffiest snowflakes I have ever seen. I do not know why it is that they should be different from Irish snowflakes, but they are. It is like a bunch of angels are having a rather undignified pillow fight on one of their clouds, and feathers are flying everywhere. Not only are they big and fluffy, but if you examine them close up, they are picture-perfect crystals! This delights me. Snowflakes always just looked like white blobs to me. I could never understand why, in pictures, they were shown as those pretty, hexagonal, symmetrical crystals. They are beautiful.

* Walking on water. It’s very cold here, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that before. Entire lakes are freezing over, now. I really was very amused by all the local women taking shortcuts across the frozen surface, shopping bags in hand. They’re very resourceful, the Estonians.

* Working. My brain seems to be getting back into gear, and for this I am thankful. So far this year, I have written articles about  white elephants, Kings of Siam, casinos, and a stickman who comes to life and brutally murders everyone. You can’t say that my job is dull.

* Enjoying an extremely nice lunch at Novell, the funky restaurant down the road. I’ve wanted to go in for ages, but thought it would be crazily expensive. It’s all ultra-modern prints and bright colours and cool lighting, and I’m always a bit envious of the well-dressed business people drinking coffee or cocktails at the tables by the window, comfortably lounging back on piles of silk cushions. Anyway, Santa left some money in my bank account to make up for not visiting me at all this year, so finally I had an excuse to treat myself. And guess what? It wasn’t expensive after all!  And both my meal and Riho’s were exceptionally good, so I guess we’ll have to go back. Am trying to come up with ways of becoming a food critic in order to eat out for free.

* Discovering, to my great delight, baked beans in a local supermarket. I had given up on finding baked beans, so I really am overjoyed. I had Cheesy Beanos (that’s beans mixed with cheese – a Glasgow student favourite) on toast with HP sauce, and it was wonderful. As are the Tayto cheese and onion crisps mum sent me in the post…

* Reading. So far I’ve finished The Time Traveller’s Wife, two entire school series by Enid Blyton, Jingo (Terry Pratchett), and the original Adrian Mole. I am currently halfway through Adrian Mole: the Cappuccino Years, and have a Bill Bryson lined up for after that. Yay for my rediscovered love of books!

* Looking for a short housesitting assignment in a sunny place, in the hope of getting a bit of sunshine for a couple of weeks and therefore preserving my sanity.

* Watching the second season of 24. I’m not much of a casual TV watcher: I tend to find a show that I like and then watch it all the way through from the first episode, and I don’t think it’s good for me. In the past year, I’ve watched every season of Lost, The Office, Hustle, and season one of 24. With the exception of The Office, these have all contributed to the fact that I am now incredibly suspicious of everyone and everything, jump uncontrollably when I hear a loud noise, and apparently scream things like “I swear I don’t know any of them! I don’t know the prisoners!” in my troubled sleep.

And there was me thinking I’d been sitting around doing nothing…


6 thoughts on “And… action!

  1. Did you enjoy the Time Traveller’s Wife? I thought it was very good. Stray Taoist told me he loathed it which is a recommendation in itself. You might like Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell too if you enjoy novels that play a bit with time-frames.

    As to TV – Ganching and I are adoring, in her case adored, The Wire. It’s more than just a cop show.

  2. Nelly – I *loved* The Time Traveler’s Wife. It shot immediately up to somewhere near the top of my All Time Favourites list. :) I will definitely try to get a hold of Cloud Atlas, I’m really liking the time theme at the moment – have also got Time’s Arrow by Martin Amis out of the library at the moment.

  3. Did you know Sue Townsend was registered blind in 2001? Bit of useless information for you there. I loved the Adrian Mole books as well. If you can get hold of it you should read The Queen and I, also by her. Very funny.
    If you need more recommendations I’m sure I can think of lots…

  4. K8 says:

    Oh, I’m reading the TT’s wife at the moment, but I’ve gotten to the part near the end where she discovers Henry’s letter, and I can’t bring myself to read any further. Such an amazing love story.

    I love sneezing. Apparently 7 in a row feels like an orgasm but I’m not sure whether to believe that or not.

    Where can I read about this murdering stickman?!!

    As far as I remember the 2nd series of 24 was the cheesiest so it gets better!


    Have you got Santa’s email address? I think he’s lost my bank details.

  5. katyboo1 says:

    Useless extra info. Sue Townsend lives in Leicester. Me too! I thought A M and the Weapons of Mass Destruction was her funniest. It made me howl!

    Right.. The sneezing thing. Me too! I have always wanted to be brave enough to disprove it and never quite dared. The thought of my eye popping out and me being able to see while it swings around all over the place is just too much to bear.

  6. bevchen – I don’t think I did know that! I only really discovered her when someone gave me a copy of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the summer. When I saw some others in the library, I thought I might as well go back and see what they were like! I also saw a copy of The Queen and I when I was there, so I’ll definitely get that one out next time.
    K8 – I don’t know about the sneezing, I don’t think I’ve ever had that many. I know my dad has, but I can’t ask him as it’s not really the sort of conversation we tend to have, and I’m really OK with that. As for the murdering stickman, I was “auditioning” for a ghostwriting job. And I very nearly got it! But, erm, I didn’t get it. So alas, my stickman stories are at an end…
    katyboo – Weapons of Mass Destruction was the first one I read, as mentioned above, and is still my favourite. I read it on a train journey in Belgium, and was in tears of laughter at a couple of points. It seemed to amuse the other passengers rather than alarm them, though, so I didn’t try to control myself. :)

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