Someone’s got to do it

In the space of 24 little hours, I have had no less than 5 friends sending me a link to an online job advertisement. This is unprecedented.

So, I’ve taken a little look at it, and I suppose it’s alright. The position is described as “caretaker”, which is not really the sort of career I had in mind. However, the caretaker has to keep a blog and photo diary, so I guess that makes it a little more suitable for me.

Should I be the successful applicant, I will be handed a list of duties, which will include things like this:

– swimming

– snorkelling

– sailing

– diving

– sightseeing

– exploring uninhabited islands

Oh, and I should probably have mentioned that the caretaker in question will be required to live on and take care of an island at the Great Barrier Reef. For a salary of £70,000. Whilst living rent-free in a three-bedroom villa complete with swimming pool.

The successful applicant will go and explore all the neighbouring islands, and write about what they see and do. They will do all the things that someone on a dream holiday in paradise would do, and write about those, too, with a view to kick-starting the tousism industry there. They will feed the tropical fish and keep an eye on the island from their hammock. And they will be paid £70,000 to do so.

I had plans to spend the next year or so writing articles for €10 each, but I suppose I could put that off for a while and settle for this instead, if you insist. Sometimes one has to make sacrifices for the sake of earning a few crusts.


3 thoughts on “Someone’s got to do it

  1. erin says:

    oh man…best job in the world! also…search as i might, i re-lost the letter that i had to send to you (you know, the one that i had previously lost and then found again…yeah)…that along with my stack of cds (that SURVIVED the fire) of all my ni pictures…
    i had a bad day.
    anyway…i WILL be writing you soon…

  2. Hey, I saw that on the news here last night and the first person I though of was you! Definitely a long way (literally and figuratively) from the snow filled town of Tallinn.

  3. McBouncy says:

    I also thought of you when I saw it on the news.

    When you get the job I will call out for a little holiday. Me and everyone else you know…

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