Too… many… blogs….

I seem to have gone a bit mad with this multiple blog thing.

The others were only meant to be on the side – a way of keeping track of some things I’m doing for my 101 list. However, I got carried away with the post I was writing about Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. It was just supposed to be a couple of lines explaining why they make me happy, since that’s what that blog’s all about. But how can you write about Creme Eggs and keep it down to a couple of lines?

Can’t be done. Anyway, the problem is that I babbled on for so long about the joys of Creme Eggs that I had no time free to write my next “real” blog post, and I haven’t had a chance to do so today. And it’d be a shame to waste such an important post, so I’m going to cheat and redirect you to it instead of writing about anything else here.

Click here and be off with you.


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