I’ve just received some airline tickets…

I seem to have landed on my feet again as far as the Getting To Stay For Free In Foreign Countries goes. The last time, if you recall, I ended up lounging by my own private pool in Belgium, sipping champagne and that sort of thing, hardly able to believe that it was real.

Well, I got an email today from a home owner who’d seen my profile on the housesitting site. It was the photo of me with Kat the Cat that did it, as apparently this lady’s cat looks just like my own little furry friend. She also has three dogs and what sounds like a million or so parrots which have entire rooms to fly around in (I am trying not to let this alarm me, despite my previous experience of parrot-sitting). It is more of a zoo-sitting experience than a housesitting one.

The woman has a lot of travelling lined up over the next few months, and would like someone to look after her house and pets over April and May. I emailed her back, sent her some references, we talked on Skype, and hey presto, I’m hired. Just like that!

And get this: she has already booked my flights for me, within half an hour of our conversation! So I don’t have to be worried – as I was initially – about where I’m going to find the money for that, given that my bank has taken everything I had. It is basically an all expenses paid, two month holiday. There will even be a two week period in May when she’ll be home, freeing me to possibly even get a cheap flight to Norn Iron (it seems that these do not exist from Tallinn) for a wee visit – you never know! I will have a cleaning lady, and an ensuite bedroom, and my own car.

villageAnd best of all, I’ll be staying in a quaint little village on the shore of a famous lake. It’s in a country that I’ve wanted to visit since my childhood (as it featured heavily in one of my most loved books as a child), and where I need to speak French in order to get by. My mum will be envious when she finds out I’m going to be living there for two months, as we both have the same childish fantasies about mountaintops and cute wooden cabins, thanks to a shared love of the aforementioned book. Do you know where it is yet? :)

I really do not know how these things happen to me so perfectly. A few months in a different country, with animals for company and no travelling expenses to worry about… a break from this lonnnnnggggg dark winter I’ve just about been surviving, hopefully a visit to the Home Land, and back to good old Tallinn just in time for the bright and sunny summer. Perfick, as Pop Larkin used to say.

Jus’ Perfick.


13 thoughts on “I’ve just received some airline tickets…

  1. Parents – hehe!! I’ll say hello to Heidi for you. :)
    Elly – Close enough! Further south. Roughly midway between Bern and Geneva, in a little village on the shore of Lake Geneva.

  2. Has meaning to me as well, but due to a different series of books – The Chalet School. They started in Austria, near Innsbruck, but after the “war years” moved the story to Switzerland and used to spend time in Lausanne and Montreux.

    Annoying bit, I only got back into the books in the last year or so, and went on a mad craze to try and acquire all 60 or so of them (have over 40, last 20 are really rare and quite expensive!). This was after the honeymoon, when we passed through Innsbruck, and afterwards I discovered that we were about 30 mins drive from where they were originally set – just means we’ll have to go back at some point!

  3. I was thinking of the Chalet School books as well (they are the reason I spent a year as a teachinfg assistant in Austria!), but then I remembered they tended to be in German-speaking places and became completely confused by your mention of French.

  4. You lucky dog, you! I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time. I like the idea of the dirndl, and don’t forget to grow your hair – you’ll need braids to complete the look ;)

  5. MO – I intend to! It looks beautiful.
    Elly – I haven’t read the Chalet School series, but I did do that with a lot of Enid Blyton books! I love re-reading childhood books.
    Bevchen – No, the book was Heidi. I may need to get a copy of it now to set the scene before I go!
    Katyboo – But of course!
    Maureen – I knew I’d been avoiding haircuts for a reason! Excellent. It’s not quite long enough for braids yet, but I’ll manage something. ;)
    Grannymar – I think a lot of people do, by the sound of it!

  6. Yeah, I realised afterwards that it was Heidi. The Chalet School was just my first thought.
    Heidi was originally written in German though, so the having to speak French thing threw me completely.

    Have finally got round to doing a blog with the letter you gave my by the way. Come check it out :-D

  7. billybrid says:

    AAAAGGGH! More people who read The Chalet School! Hails, can I borrow your friends? I’ve never met anyone who’s read those books before. I should have about thirty of them kicking around somewhere…

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