The News In Brief

There has been a lack of blog posting lately.

This is mainly because I have finally got a decent amount of work to be getting on with, and while this means that I haven’t been getting out much (and therefore don’t have anything particularly interesting about which I might blog), I dare not complain. It’s worth being a bit boring for a while if it means I can repair some of the damage that the bank did.

I can, however, take five minutes to provide you with a post in bullet point form, summing up some of the events of the past few days.

– I am trying to find some cheap flights home from Switzerland for the two weeks in May that my housesitting duties will not be required. This is proving more difficult than I first thought, as Ryanair – king of the €6 flights – does not offer flights from Geneva, and getting by train to the nearest airports served by them would cost as much as paying for a standard Easyjet flight. Plus, the dates of the cheap flights would mean that I only got one week at home rather than two. So I looked at Easyjet, resolving to just pay a bit more, and discovered that their Geneva-London route does not seem to operate after April. Grr. Any suggestions or alternatives welcome!

– Last night, I made some garlic bread to go with dinner. I liked it so much that I made some more for a snack later on. I may have been a little over-enthusiastic with the garlic, as it is now silently choking me to death.

– I lost two hours of work today thanks to Open Office crashing and refusing to recover the piece I had almost completed. I was not a happy bunny.

– In an effort to get myself used to hearing French again, I have had the French music channel on constantly, and am slightly worried about the fact that I seem to have become so accustomed to Estonian that the French pronunciation of certain letters seems completely unnatural to me.

– As I walked to the shop for milk earlier, I was somewhat alarmed to run into a very large donut who was wandering around in the street. I do not know how to defend myself against a giant donut. Fortunately it just waved at me and I escaped unharmed.

That’ll have to do for now, as I have to go and rewrite the article that I lost. Grr, again. Apologies for the lack of great entertainment here of late, I know you must be feeling the loss. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible; in the meantime, here’s a video for you to watch, of my favourite song at the moment. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “The News In Brief

  1. MoNkEyMrS says:

    Ian says look at getting a train to Basel and then fly to Dublin that’s how we have previously done it, Aer Lingus fly to Switzerland. He says even look at flying from the closest french city.

    He is now going to look up flights and prices for you.


  2. MonkeyMrs – Aer Lingus is looking like a good option, thanks! Wasn’t really very aware of them.
    Parents – Zurich is apparently over three hours away from where I’ll be living so I was advised not to use that option!
    Sister – I’d like to have seen you run up and take a bite of him.
    Billybrid – Indeed I am, but it would be difficult to swim from Switzerland, what with France being in the way and everything. ;)
    Annie – Aer Lingus seems to be just the thing – Geneva to Dublin for about €90. That’s the New Plan!

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