Flat Joel

As I have mentioned before, I love books. I have always loved books. When I think about my childhood of back-to-back Enid Blyton books, lightly sprinkled with Roald Dahl, Frank Richards and Colin Dann, I am thankful for parents who loved to read, and whose collections from their own childhoods were passed down to me.

But I’m increasingly sad when I realise just how unimportant books seem to be to children nowadays. With endless varieties of computers and games consoles, most kids just don’t seem to have any desire to read for pleasure. Reading is a chore; something you have to do at school. The idea of getting lost in a good book, of your own free will, is becoming less and less common amongst kids today. I can’t believe I’m in my twenties and using phrases like “kids today”, but really, it does make me sad.

This is why I was delighted to receive the following from a friend:

Flat Joel

(Click the image to make it larger)

I’m strangely taken with this. I think I’m just overjoyed at the idea of kids enjoying a book, and I want to encourage such behaviour wherever possible. Anyway, I had an idea. I’ve sent a postcard from Tallinn, and will also send one from Lutry in Switzerland when I get there. But I’d love to give them more than they expected, which is where you come in. What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t use it for good now and again, eh? My stats inform me that I have regular readers from all sorts of interesting places across the world, from little towns in Scotland and England to huge cities like Sydney, New York and Tokyo. What if you all sent a card? It takes a few minutes, costs a few cents, and is also quite good fun because you get to pretend to be Flat Joel.

Anyone from my home town in NI or second home town of Tallinn is excused, as cards have already been sent from those places. Likewise if you’re from Ontario, Canada, as that’s where the school is! But if you’d like to join in with this sweet project and teach these little ‘uns about the joys of reading and imagination, and also a bit about the world, please do send me an email or leave me a comment (no one but me will see your email address) and I’ll send you the school address. If everyone sends a card from their town or city rather than their country, it’ll make overlaps less likely and means that the class will receive even more postcards than if it was just one card per country. Come on – let’s keep the fun of reading, imagination and learning alive for one class of second graders in Canada!

Plus it’ll make me happy. :)


10 thoughts on “Flat Joel

  1. MoNkEy MrS says:

    I did that project last year with my class, we posted Flat Stanley all over the world with a journal book, the kids loved it and we tracked his trip!!! It’s also a great children’s book

  2. That sounds like a great idea. I’d love to send one – granted it won’t seem too exotic being that I’ll be sending it from Canada to Canada, but I’m in Vancouver which is over 4,000 km (and a few mountain ranges) to the west ;)

  3. Aww, I’d love to send one from here.
    I remember reading Flat Stanley back in junior school and really liking it. Also, i love the illustrator, and have actually blogged about him in the past :-)

  4. katyboo1 says:

    Me too. Send me the details. My kids love reading but they are a rarity and anything I can do to help will be fab.

  5. Thanks everyone, for all the comments and emails. You are a kind-hearted bunch! I’ve sent an email to everyone who volunteered to send a card. If there are any more before May 15th, please keep the emails and comments coming and I’ll send you the address!

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