Fine Wine Vines

I really didn’t know that wine was such a big deal in Switzerland.

The House Owner looked at me in some surprise as we drove to the airport for her departure the other week and I asked what “all those things growing in the fields” were. Those are vineyards, dear, she told me in a voice that suggested I should really have known that.


Vineyard in the Aigle region

And really, had I done any research at all before coming here, I would have realised that I was coming to live right in the heart of Switzerland’s wine-growing area. The region is called The Lavaux, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hillsides are covered in vast, sprawling vineyards, separated by low stone walls and narrow, winding roads – the further up you go, the narrower and steeper those so-called roads become!

Long Way Up

Can you spot the train making its way up through the vineyards?! (click to make bigger)

According to Wikipedia’s page on Swiss wine, the reason that I’d never really associated Switzerland with wine (nor indeed even heard of or tasted a Swiss wine) is that they pretty much drink it all by themselves, the greedy sods. “Nearly all the national production is drunk within the national boundaries; less than 2% of the wine is exported (mainly to Germany).”

I have not yet sampled this Swiss wine, but I have now ventured into the vineyards after driving around and past and amongst them on such a regular basis. And let me tell you, they’re mighty impressive. Particularly when there’s the odd chateau or two randomly plonked in the middle of them.

Chateau d'Aigle

Chateau d'Aigle

It certainly makes for a pleasant afternoon stroll in the sunshine, anyway!


3 thoughts on “Fine Wine Vines

  1. Gorgeous spot. I didn’t know about the wine growing either as for the chateaux! I could live there . . as long as I had an army of cleaners! I’m guessing that the frost and snow makes the grapes very sweet and hence the wine. Let me know what it’s like

  2. The Parents says:

    The best wine that I have ever tasted was in Switzerland. Don’t forget to try a fondue. Wish I was there with you.

  3. Baino – the chateaux are gorgeous, and everywhere! But that particular one looked like a Disney castle or something, especially just sitting there surrounded by all the vineyards and with the mountains in the background!
    Parents – A fondue is on my list of things to try. Mmm…

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