Not enough coffee in the world.

I think I’m too old for all this.

One week of frantic running around in an attempt to visit and spend time with friends and family, and I’m in need of a holiday. It’s all good fun, and great to see familiar faces again after a year, but I’m asleep on my feet now.

The Sister and I decided against the traditional going for coffee to catch up, and instead took off on an impulsive jaunt to see some more big stones, following my newfound interest in such things in Switzerland. We took Maxine, and directions from Google Maps, and still it all managed to go wrong in the Belfast area. “Oh,” said The Sister with a faint note of surprise as I found myself in the wrong lane again, “I think, actually… yes… we’re heading back to Ballymena again.” It is ridiculous. Belfast is out to get me. (“But… but… there’s only one junction to negotiate,” spluttered Ed incredulously upon hearing the tale. “How could you possibly go wrong?” Let me tell you: one is all it takes.)

Still, after a few laps of Belfast we found ourselves on the right track again, and went to see the Legananny Dolmen. The Sister posed for amusing pictures in which she appeared to be holding up the top stone. It was all good.

Driving on the left hand side again has been disturbingly difficult, not to mention being on the other side of the car and having to change gears by myself. Plus, it turns out, I know an awful lot of people, so you can throw exhaustion into the mix. Still, it’s lovely to see everyone again. Bear with me on the blog posting front… I have neither time nor awakeness, and a severe backlog of topics about which to blog.

More coffee.


6 thoughts on “Not enough coffee in the world.

  1. paul says:

    i’m suddenly reminded of the last time i was in a car with you and found a motorbike hurtling towards me at a junction when the light was red,and you were on the right side of the road then.

  2. Ed – There was a *note* of incredulity. :)
    Paul – Erm, yes. But that’s because Belfast is stupid.
    Grannymar – My poor brain can’t cope with this!

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