Up, and down, and oww…

On Saturday, I went to meet up with some friends in Schönried, which is a mountainous beauty spot serving as a ski resort in winter and simply a peaceful holiday spot for the rest of the year.

It was suggested that we take a cable car up to the top of a mountain and walk back down again — a suggestion greatly approved of by myself, not being much of a fan of vertical walking of the upward persuasion. And anyway, I’d never been up a mountain in a cable car before, so I was very excited at the prospect.

“Look at all the little goats!” I cried excitedly, pointing at the tiny dots on the hillside below as we glided up into the clouds. “And the chalets! And the mountains peaks all covered in snow!” I snapped pictures with the enthusiasm of a small child in a sweetie shop, hanging out of the cable car for a better view, much to the dismay of my cable car-savvy companions.

The view from the top was nothing short of spectacular.

From The Top

From The Top

And there was music to accompany us on our downward journey. Yes, the Swiss hills are alive with the sound of, erm, cowbells. There’s something magical about it. The notes ring out and drift through the otherwise perfectly still and quiet air, mingling with each other to create what could very nearly be described as beautiful music. Not bad for cows, anyway.

If you watched the clip, you will notice that at the end of it we ran into a slight obstruction in our path. Did I say slight obstruction? Sorry, I meant Very Hefty Cow. It was slightly alarming, but she did let us past, albeit with a lot of annoyed glaring.



It was a lovely day, what with all the cowbells and pretty flowers and stunning views and everything, but I have suffered for it, as I have not been able to walk since. At least, not without much groaning and a great deal of pain. Who knew that walking down a mountain could cause as much trauma to the untrained muscles as climbing up?

Probably everyone but me…


8 thoughts on “Up, and down, and oww…

  1. Almost looks fake doesn’t it? I share your pain. Five days walking the length and breadth of Melbourne and surrounds has done my tootsies in but the views weren’t quite as spectacular!

  2. Geri – Oh, Swiss chocolate cures *everything*!
    Erin – Then get over to visit me sometime. I miss you!
    Grannymar – just as soon as my legs are working well enough to walk to the theatre…
    Bevchen – I know, I was surprised by how much I missed them when I went back to NI for a visit.
    Baino – It does look like a painting, doesn’t it?And my photos never manage to capture the full beauty of it all.
    Damaris – I do wonder about that – it’s so loud, I worry that it drives the poor things crazy!

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