Beside the lake, beneath the trees…

My time in Switzerland is at an end, and I’m excitedly packing up to return to lovely Tallinn for the summer.

The last couple of weeks have been a little bit lonely – I’ve been mostly housebound due to not having a car – but I will remember Switzerland for the wonderful month I spent here in April. Driving around and exploring has left me feeling that this is the most beautiful country I have seen so far, and you just can’t help but feel happy and content when you’re surrounded by postcard-like scenery and bright sunshine every day!



My favourite destination has probably been Interlaken: an admittedly touristy but nonetheless gorgeous town between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun. We drove around the lakes, the roads taking us right along the water’s edge, and it was almost painfully pretty. Emerald green water sparkling in the warm evening sunshine, surrounded by endless greenery and a mountain backdrop that just continues to leave me searching for words.

Ah, those mountains. I’m really going to miss them! They’re like comforting and distinguished old friends who are always hovering somewhere in the background, no matter where you go. And in Interlaken, they loom so high and so wide that you have a real sense of being completely surrounded. It’s like they’ve formed a protective circle around you… or, I suppose, a threatening one, and they’re sitting around glaring down at you. Or maybe to normal people they’re just mountains.

Anyway, however you look at it, it’s an unforgettable place.



My photos, sadly, don’t do it justice… but my memories, happily, do!

5 thoughts on “Beside the lake, beneath the trees…

  1. I’ve never been to Interlaken but have heard it’s nice.

    Know what you mean about the mountains. Once you’ve lived among them for a while you sort of stop noticing them – you kow they’re there, but it’s like they’ve always been there. But once you leave them behind you definitely notice that they’re gone. I still miss mountains! (Although not so much the climbing halfway up one with my shopping to get home…)

  2. So pretty isn’t it and they have one of the BEST coffee/cake shops I’ve ever seen! One of my closest friends is Estonian and visited Tallin for the first time last year,she was blown away by it. Apparently it’s also intensely beautiful. Happy travels and safe journey Hails!

  3. The Parents says:

    We passed through here on our way to Grindelwald and we thought it was so beautiful. Maybe some day we can all go there……when you are rich and famous, it can be your little treat for us poor parents!!! Hope you have a safe journey “home”???

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