Cleanliness is next to Coffee.

I couldn’t stand the grotty hostel any longer. Nor could I face the thought of getting on another overnight bus.

So I found another hostel. It is like a little piece of heaven in the middle of my hell. There were no beds free (not many newly-dumped girls need to also battle with the fact that it’s the start of the tourist season), but the nice hostel man, on hearing of my desperation to get out of the hovel, simply built me a bed.

No bed? No problem!

No bed? No problem!

Not only that, but he brought me coffee to drink while I waited. And he showed me to a bathroom with, like, a lock on the door, where I was able to take a shower (in private!!) that was both hot and more forceful than a steady drip, and where there was room to turn around and get dried without dislocating something or standing on mould. It was wonderful. I almost cried with pleasure as I stood under the hot jet and washed away several days of heartache and grime, but I promised myself I wouldn’t cry today because I’m worried that I’m getting dehydrated.

And then – then! – lovely hostel man took my bag of smelly, dirty, bunched-up clothes and sent them off to be washed and dried. Alright, so I had to pay a bit extra for that (€3), but it’s worth it, believe me. And then he brought me a duvet, and pillows, and asked anxiously if there was anything more he could do for me. I felt like saying “Yes – marry me” or asking for a cuddle, but settled for a weak but grateful smile instead. I think if I hadn’t looked and smelt like a tramp when I arrived, I would have considered trying to make him my rebound guy. Not that I’m particularly interested in finding a rebound guy, to be honest, but just because someone was being so nice to me and bringing me coffee and cleanliness.

I am clean and warm and fed and coffeed and wearing clothes that do not smell of bus and Pringles and BO and stale Latvian meat-based snacks. Wrapped up warmly, fresh from my shower, I sat in the evening sunshine on the step outside and smoked a cigarette, and there was nobody to complain or disapprove.

I think I might go out and see around tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Cleanliness is next to Coffee.

  1. You have washed that man right out of your life,
    And now you are on your way!

    You have touched the bottom of life’s pool and now it it is Up. Up. Up!

  2. A lurker replies …
    Good on ya! That’s much more your style. Glad you’ve found somewhere more comfortable and friendly. I should think hostel man deserves a big hug and a thank you when you leave. Sorry you’ve had to go through the trauma, but it’s over now! No looking back … time to enjoy the next big adventure.
    Oh and I feel you should set up a “help Hails travel” fund online; I’m sure you’d get lots of support.
    Enjoy the adventure … K

  3. Grannymar – that’s actually the song I found was going through my head as I was showering!
    Nelly – Yay! I was only able to raise a big giant glass of Lithuanian beer, but it did the same job.
    Keith and Maureen – Sounds good, but how do you do that without seeming like a beggar?! ;)
    Bevchen – Clean, friendly, and with equal amounts of privacy and company. Just what I need right now!
    d@ve – you have really taken it upon yourself to be my Moving On instructor, haven’t you? :) I am already in the process of working on the “visit 10 countries I’ve never been in before”. Not so sure what to do about ones that I’d planned but that have now fallen through. Like the Estonian Song Festival. :(

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