Next stop: Poland

OK, boys and girls, I have wallowed in Vilnius for long enough, and this city, however pretty, will now forever be Miseryville and Heartbreak Hostel to me. I think it’s best that I keep moving.

I still don’t have anything amounting to a sensible plan. However, in looking for countries nearby where it’s really cheap to live, I’ve singled out Ukraine as somewhere that I could hole up in for a week or two. The city of Lviv is closest, and looks really old and beautiful, too, and not yet swamped with tourists. I reckon I could get by on about €15 a day there, taking accommodation and food into account. That would (hopefully) enable me to just find a nice little sunny café terrace, or even a hostel garden, where I could sit each day and set about trying to find and do some writing jobs online, whilst (again, hopefully) forming some kind of plan for at least the next couple of months. I am temporarily ignoring the panic that keeps reminding me that I have only about €150 left in my account.

Anyway, if I’m to get to Ukraine in a vaguely affordable manner, that’s going to involve several night busses and a journey through Poland. And since I’ve always wanted to see Auschwitz (and yes, D@ve, “visit a concentration camp” is on the 101 Things list!), I figure I might as well break up the journey and stop in Krakow for a few days. The journey onward across the Polish-Ukranian border looks slightly intimidating, and involves queues across a footbridge and busses full of smugglers, although all the online advisors are trying their best to dress it up by calling it “an adventure”. Hmm. I get the feeling that that might not be quite as fun as it once seemed in my Enid Blyton books.

I’ve had loads of offers of places to stay. Unfortunately, none of them are close enough for me to get to without spending all of my remaining cash. However, I did get an email from an old university friend on Tuesday night – which was, if you recall, the night I was snivvling my way out of Tallinn on the overnight bus to Vilnius. Do you fancy a pint in Transylvania in July? she wondered. I had to smile, amidst the tears and snot. 12 hours earlier, my reply would have been “Nah, I’ll be all loved-up and happy in Tallinn for the summer”. Now, it was more of a “Well… maybe, actually”. And I think that’s a pretty cool question to get asked, never mind to be in a position to say yes to!

So, if I do manage to survive for a few more weeks, and get a plan in place for the summer months, maybe I’ll do just that. For those of you who would appreciate a visual aid, here’s a nice little map for you, showing my route (with straight lines rather than actual roads, obviously, because I havent a clue about that sort of thing). I think I’ll call it the Dumped But Determined Tour ’09.

Dumped But Determined Tour '09

Dumped But Determined Tour '09


8 thoughts on “Next stop: Poland

  1. Becs says:

    YAY! Go you. Once again I am very jealous of you. Though are you sure that stopping in Auschwitz in your slightly fragile state is the best idea :)

  2. Becs and Nelly – Yeah, I wondered about that myself! But it’s the first time in several days I’ve felt vaguely enthusiastic about something, so I’m going. :)
    Bevchen – it does actually look lovely. And I’m hoping it’ll be so cheap that it’ll take the financial pressure off me for a bit. Otherwise I’m going to literally be sleeping on a park bench within a week, two weeks tops…
    Grannymar – Yep, perspective will be good at this point!
    MO – No. :( This has troubled me for quite some time. I believe I’ve used both forms in a hedging my bets sort of way in the past. Apparently both are acceptable. And while “buses” makes more sense, “busses” looks better in terms of how it’s pronounced. I really have dithered over this in quite a serious way, you know!

  3. Ah sounds like a plan and much better than the Desperate and Dateless tour! Be careful at Auschwitz, worth seeing I’m sure but Dachau took a lot of intestinal fortitude. Still we should never forget what went on there. . .me? I think a beer in Transylvania is absolutely hilarious, you HAVE to do it . .then that’s just me!

  4. Shame I don’t live in the Ukraine, or you could have stayed with me. I’m with the people who said to set up a help Hails travel fund! Only trouble is I won’t be able to help… unless someone gives me a job in the next few weeks.

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