Can’t afford a lottery ticket, either.

The problem with Elance is that although it lists dozens and dozens of new freelance writing jobs every day, most of them end up being awarded to people living in Eastern countries where the cost of living is quite considerably lower than it is here.

As a result, I can spend several hours every day applying to and bidding for work, and maybe only get accepted for about one per week, since most people want to go for the lowest bid even if the writer can barely string a sentence together in English. This is a bummer. I thought I’d found a way around it, in that I would get an initial job by putting in a very low bid, and then impress the client with my general brilliance before persuading them to give me the next job outside of Elance, where I wouldn’t be in competition with people who can survive on a dollar a day, and where I would also sneakily bypass the commission fee that Elance takes on all earnings. Unfortunately it turned out that they were monitoring my messages on the site, and they suspended my account until I pleaded and grovelled and apologised and signed a letter promising never to do it again. This, too, is a bummer.

I have scoured the job pages of the local newspaper and the local recruitment websites, only to be reminded that there are actually no jobs going at the moment, what with the world being on its last legs and everything. I would even have been willing to go back to Sainsbury’s as a humble cashier for a while. But no… nothing. No jobs. Nada. Bummer.

So I dutifully performed all the paying work I had lined up for this week, sent off my invoice, applied rather pessimistically for several other writing assignments, scounged a cigarette off my dad, and came to stare moodily out of the back door. I think I’m going to have to go on the dole. I will most likely go mad. I’m not a Ballymena person, and I am not a sitting around all day doing nothing person. I want to work. There is no work. I would be quite happy to write, and write, and write, but when I’m not also getting paid, I feel like a scrounger and a layabout for doing that.

And it’s all in the happy knowledge that The Ex is apparently having a “great time!”. Not that I want him to be miserable or anything, but still. A little sadness or regret or something wouldn’t have been too much to expect, would it? It’s not exactly heartening to know that life without me absolutely rocks. This is also a bummer.

I have lost my joie de vivre. It may still be in Estonia. And I can’t afford to go back over and look for it. Nor can I afford a bar of chocolate. Or a drink. Or cigarettes.



5 thoughts on “Can’t afford a lottery ticket, either.

  1. We can go mad together if you like? There aren’t too many jobs here either… the ones I’ve applied for so far haven’t replied and I HATE sitting around all day doing nothing… although not as much as I hate sitting around all day scouring the internet for job advertisements for hours on end. And I swear the whole going on the dole thing is twenty million times more complicated in Germany than it ever was back in England.
    Oops, didn’t mean to use your comments section for my own whinges. Sorry about that!

  2. Hails … Is temping an option for you? You clearly have computer and writing skills so ought to be abel to do many temp jobs standing on your head. At least it would give you some money. And I have seen good people like you get nice little “office manager” type jobs from being good temps.

    Alternatively maybe you just have to steel your heart and visit all the likely places (and don’t forget your local newspaper too!) and say “I’m here; want to employ me?”. Who knows you might walk in at the moment they’ve decided they need a new Girl Friday.

    Get an allotment; grow your own fruit and veg? Not as silly as it sounds. If you can do basic gardening and can get your first 2 customers you’ll have more work that you can cope with in 6 months — I’ve seen it happen so many times with friends who have started doing a bit of jobbing gardening! Similarly with painting and decorating.

    But apart from not having money you need to do something. Unemployment is so soul-destroying otherwise.

  3. Sounds like Keith has some great ideas. I’m sure others have told you, but this to will pass. Rest up, don’t spend more than a few hours per day at the computer looking at the help wanteds. It just becomes more depressing, and you need your spunk for whats ahead. Good things are in the wings.

  4. Bevchen – Whinge away! Trawling the internet for jobs really is a very crap feeling. Rest assured, I am going mad with you!
    Keith – thanks for all the practical suggestions! The allotment one sounds fun, but too long term. I don’t want to still be here in six months, I want to be off seeing the Pyramids or something! :) But temping, I guess… off to the recruitment agencies, then!
    McBouncy – I gave my guitar to Red. :( But you have reminded me of something that I was going to write a post about and forgot, so ta!
    Brighid – Yay! It is comforting to know that good things are in the wings. I hope they appear soon. :)

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