From Carnlough to Bedlam

Ladies and gentlemen, as promised, I am staging a comeback.

I am determinedly shaking off the past and filling my days with productive work, family, and friends, instead of sitting glumly feeling hard-done-by and rejected and sad. This has only been happening for a couple of days, mind you, but I already feel slightly better, which in itself is making me feel slightly better, if you see what I mean.

Carnlough - old phone box

Carnlough - old phone box

I drove The Parents to Carnlough on Monday, and it was nice to get out for a walk. The sea always makes me feel better, for some reason. It’s calming and pretty and also associated with lots of happy childhood memories for me, so that’s all good. And Carnlough is one of those tiny little old-fashioned Northern Irish seaside towns, with a sweet harbour and an unhurried feel, and its main street running along the seafront. We strolled, we ate fish and chips and ice cream by the sea… it was lovely.

And who could fail to feel better when looking at this sort of thing?

Carnlough beach

Carnlough beach

Blues that chase away the blues...

Blues that chase away the blues...

Seriously gorgeous. I may have to indulge in sea therapy at least once a week from now on.

Yesterday, then, I worked, and also mused about the fact that I was having so much difficulty refraining from dwelling on Certain Issues. I managed to find a good solution, but I’m a little too embarrassed to share it with anyone except the one person I’ve told, who laughed at me instead of thinking I was a scary freak for having to do such a thing. Anyway, suffice it to say that I will no longer be able to waste large amounts of my time and sanity on the wrong person, even if I should wish to do so. And that’s all I’m saying. :)

Of course, the person who laughed at me when I was seriously confiding in her about my heartbreak and drastic measures could only be McBouncy. I called out to visit her today, and I feel cheered, cheered I tell you! The McLovely house is always bedlam, I don’t think they’d mind me telling you that, but today really took the entire cake tin, mainly because McBouncy had described it as a very boring, quiet, chilling out day. As I sat there watching an almost fully grown Red Setter skidding around the floor in hot pursuit of an ever-so-slightly faster cat while McBouncy and I tried to protect our drinks and have a conversation, I had to disagree.

Arghhhh! squealed McGinger as the cat took refuge beside her and the dog promptly joined them.She leapt up and appeared to join the chase. Now we had a dog, a cat, and a child running around like mad things. The dog started to bark, and McBouncy – in helpful response to her daughter’s squeals – suggested that McGinger just bark back.

The dog was barking. The child was barking.

Then the dog actually vaulted over the sofa, with me still on it. This was a little scary. I left soon afterwards.

I am very thankful for the fact that a place such as the McLovely house exists. It’s impossible to sit and mope while all that’s going on around you!


7 thoughts on “From Carnlough to Bedlam

  1. Bevchen, Grannymar, Brighid – thanks! It’s good to be back. :)
    McBouncy – that’s the whole point, you showed sympathy in just the right way. Understanding, and then laughing at me so I can see the funny side of my plight! No one else does it right. ;)

  2. The Parents says:

    Never mind the old phone box……. What about the lovely Carnlough limestone bridge, constructed in 1854, towering high above the phone box? Did you miss that? Tut tut!

  3. Parents – Not my fault! There was a big ugly banner slung across it, advertising something or other! Sort of spoiled the effect, so I cut it out and focussed on the phone box instead. :)

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