An’thissun-ere sisaucy!

Sorry, I’ve sort of abandoned the blog, haven’t I? It’s not a permanent thing, I promise. In July, I didn’t blog because I was too sad. In August, I haven’t blogged because I’ve been too busy – and also because the things I’m doing, while mostly good fun, don’t seem to be providing much blog material for me. Maybe I’ve just lost my muse.

Anyway, I’ve been working, talking on the phone to Korea (that makes me sound important, which is why I phrased it like that, you see), catching up with friends, and drinking insane amounts of coffee. Dirk and Jay were back in town, remember them from the early days of the blog? So I met up with them (and Will, another US friend), which was lovely. Coffee time with three guys is decidedly different from coffee with girlfriends, but it was nice to have my male friends’ refreshingly blunt perspectives once again. Then, whaddaya know, E2 arrived back in town, so I spent a pleasant afternoon with her, too, and there was a lunch with The Sister at one point as well…all of these were very nice, but I find myself anecdoteless all the same.

I do worry that perhaps we’re all becoming old and sensible, but an evening in the local pub with The Parents last night reassured me that there is still plenty of entertaining looniness on the go. This can be illustrated fairly nicely by telling you about “Saucy”, a local guy, who has several tattoos about his person. I asked him about them, and he pointed each one out enthusiastically, telling me what they were. An’thissun-ere sisaucy!* he explained with some alcohol-inspired difficulty. Then he pulled down the left side of his shirt, leaving me gazing in confusion at a patch of bare chest and a nipple. He followed my blank expression and gave a start. Where’d it go?!! he howled, in panic.

Then he pulled down the other side of his shirt to expose a tattoo, and gave a sigh of relief. Wow, he said shakily, I thought it came off in the wash.

Some night, I may sit in that pub and do some live blogging…

[*“And this one here says Saucy.”]


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