Although I am still in mourning over the fact that my twenties are going to end when I am only 28 (see previous post), I’m still planning to go to Korea. It has been observed, after all, that when I return I’ll be able to shave two years off my age, and that’s a pretty nice contract completion bonus, you must admit.

I’ve even been offered a job! Another positive step, you know. Having a job as a teacher is one of the main requirements for being a teacher in Korea.

It hasn’t exactly been a smooth process so far, though. While I was struggling womanfully onwards with the whole visa documents gathering thing, a new friend who’s a teacher in South Korea was helpfully taking a look over my contract for me, since I’m somewhat clueless about loopholes and legal language and anything that requires a suspicious mind. Don’t sign it! his warning email came back.


Fortunately, the school is willing to amend the contract, and negotiations are nearing completion, helped greatly by them removing the part that basically said that only the Korean language original was legally binding, and the English translation was pretty much worthless. It’s good that I have people who can spot this sort of thing, don’t you think? If I didn’t, I’d probably end up doing the Head’s laundry and living in a closet.

All being well, I’ll start on September 14th. That is really not very far away, and I am highly doubtful that I’ll actually have my work visa by then. It’s the criminal record check that’s holding things up, and I’m now so frustrated with the whole system that I want to bang my head against a wall just to forget about it. I have no criminal record! I have a letter from the Police Service of Northern Ireland declaring that I have no criminal record! And yet it is not enough, and nobody seems to know what exactly I would need to have in order for it to be enough. Do they want blood? I would willingly provide it just to be done with this nonsensical procedure. I would probably obtain it from a UK government official or someone in charge of Korean immigration.

I just have no patience for legal requirements and processes and documents and the like. It bores me to tears and makes no sense to me, mainly because I have no particular desire to understand it. If someone would just tell me, “you need document X, which you can get from Y by sending a cheque for Z to this address”, that would be fine. It would be wonderful. But no. I am floundering around knee-deep in bureaucracy, and I still have no idea what I’m looking for. Gah.

And to top it all off, someone defriended me on Facebook today, and I am irrationally annoyed by this. It’s not that I’m upset, as I know that there’s a chance it could be someone who has simply deleted their Facebook account. It happened a few weeks ago, and whoever it was mysteriously reappeared again a few days later. No, I’m not upset… I’m just really bad at Not Knowing. I don’t deal well with it at all. If my phone rings and it says “unknown number”, it will drive me absolutely insane unless I answer and find out who it is. If someone goes all mysterious on me and says “I can’t say any more – you’ll find out later”, that will send my brain into meltdown. I don’t particularly care who it is on the phone, or what the (usually very mundane) thing is that I can’t know right now – it’s just the not knowing that drives me absolutely nuts. And right now, all I know is that I have one less Facebook friend than I did last time I looked, and I have no idea who’s missing. I don’t care who it is, I just want to know who it is.

Honestly, it’s stressing me out almost as much as the visa process. And you wonder why I need regular doses of nicotine…


7 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. Pigs say yes please, we won’t to meet Hayley too – and that Facebook Friend thing – I don’t even know how many I got and I don’t care! You mustn’t either, after all, if it was somebody you actually minded about you would notice….

  2. I probably wouldn’t even notice if someone defriended me on facebook. I have nooo idea how many friends I have.
    Once I thought Jan had deleted his account because where it says “is in a relationship with” there was a blank space instead of his name then when I tried to search for him noone came up. He told me he hadn’t deleted himself though, and the next day he mysteriously reappeared again.

    The bit about only the original being valid appears all the time in German contracts. Actually, it usually says something like “in the event that this translation differs from the original contract, the information in the original is the legally correct version”. I think they do it in case the translator makes a mistake.

  3. McBouncy – I will! :)
    Nelly – true, I would notice if it was someone who mattered to me. But it’s just the not knowing who it is that drives me mad!
    Bevchen – Yeah, I think that was the case with the contract. But it’s still a little worrying! Anyway, it’s been removed now, so the English version is legally binding… just in case!

  4. I feel your bureaucratic pain. They LOVE that stuff over here. And the process is always so unecessarily confusing and seems to change every time.

    But… September 14th is a very good day to start a new job. I am basing this on the one job I’ve ever had where I stayed for over 18 months (I actually stayed over 3 years and the only reason I left is because I was moving to France). I started that one on, you guessed it, September 14th. Auspicious.

    I won’t tell you why I remember the date, though… ;)

  5. I’ll take that as a good sign. :) And am now, of course, dying to know why you remember the date. I realise that you did this on purpose, and that obviously everyone will now be trying to drive me mad by half-telling me something and then refusing to elaborate! Damn.

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