Top Ten: Nicest Smells

The previous post left a bit of a bad odour around here, so I’m counteracting it with a much nicer list…

Freshly brewed coffee – Nothing smells nicer, nothing. Words do not do it justice, so I won’t try.

Roast chicken – I think I’ve roasted a chicken once in my entire life, and it was more hassle than I could be bothered with. It’s pre-packaged chicken breasts all the way, with me. But the smell of a roasting chicken is just wonderful. It fills the whole house and makes it smell sort of Christmassy. Mmmm.

Cinnamon – Speaking of Christmassy smells. I adore those Christmassy scented candles, and the little sachets you can get to place on your radiators, so that they emit a cinnamonish smell when they heat up. I don’t really know why the scent of cinnamon is associated with Christmas, but it does fill me with a very strong desire to sing carols and watch The Snowman.

The Sea – Fresh sea air, sharp and salty… ahh, nothing like it for making you feel all healthy and invigorated. If I can choose anywhere to go for a walk, I will always pick the seaside.

Leather – Ways to win my heart: Get a scruffy and dishevelled look going on, write me long and romantic love letters (demonstrating an excellent standard of spelling, grammar, and punctuation, of course), engage me in meaningful conversation, and give me a big, strong bear hug while you’re wearing a leather jacket. I’m yours. ;)

Aftershave – as long as it’s not dirt cheap stuff. Davidoff Cool Water is particularly blissful.

Pipe Smoke – I don’t exactly know why. It’s just sort of… comforting.

Eeyore – More specifically, my Eeyore. I find it hard to sleep unless I have my face buried in his (threadbare) fur. He probably smells quite unwashed and disgusting to the untrained nose, but I wouldn’t have him any other way.

Freshly washed and tumble-dried sheets – Or clothes, for that matter. Clean and dry and warm and fresh. Gorgeous.

Bookshops – The best bookshop I’ve ever been in is The Shakespeare & Co. Bookshop in Paris. There are books piled from floor to ceiling in every available space, and the smell of them is delightful. I don’t know if you can smell learning and intelligence, but if you can, this is the smell.

There. Things smell a bit nicer here now, don’t you think?!


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