Most unlikely gym teacher EVER.

My legs are killing me.

I am the English School’s gym teacher. Yes, snigger all you like. It’s true. There are 8 kindergarten classes (6 and 7 year olds – although I suppose they’re younger than that in Western age reckoning, probably 4-6), the top two of which are “mine” – I have them for English lessons, art, story time, movie time, and gym. But for gym, I also have the other 6 classes, and my job at the moment is to teach them an exercise routine/dance complete with English words, for the English Show.

It’s surprisingly good fun, being an aerobics instructor. And the kids do look undeniably cute, giggling and grinning as they do the actions and shout the words. But I had four gym classes yesterday (and will have the other four on Friday), and given that I haven’t had any exercise since I was climbing mountains in Switzerland, you can probably guess how my body feels about the situation.

It is protesting. A lot.

I got home yesterday, showered, and fell into bed. I was asleep by 9pm, and today I am wrecked and hobbling.

Hayley-teacha, Hayley-teacha! cry the smallest children now in great excitement when they see me in the corridor, Look at me! One, two, three, four… and off they go, with energy that knows no bounds, other than the bounds they’re enthusiastically making in front of me. It is not fair. I can barely walk. On the plus side, gym combined with a diet of fish, rice, and vegetables is bound to result in my being fit, healthy, and slim by about Christmas time.

If you’d told me last Autumn that in a year’s time I would be teaching exercise classes to kindergarteners in Korea…


2 thoughts on “Most unlikely gym teacher EVER.

  1. Wowzie! We’ll not know you when you come back (If you come back) You’ll be this tall slender bird, addicted to gym and speaking with an American accent!

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