In which I lose my superhero power

I am undefeated at this one! I announce gleefully as someone selects Wii Boxing as the next game.

A group of us are hanging out at Smile, and I’ve never forgotten how impressive I was when I last encountered Wii Boxing. Not only did I knock Terri out in about 10 seconds, but I thrashed everyone else in the group, even the men who fancied themselves as fighters (and were a bit put out by my successive victories).

A few people express doubt about my boxing abilities, and I  (rather stupidly) react with more bragging and bravado than can ever be advisable. Up I go, against Sally, who has never played the game before and is a very light and delicate sort of girl.

She knocks me out in about 10 seconds.

The shame is crippling.

I go on to be beaten by two more people, and in the end I slink back to the sofa to mourn the loss of my fighting abilities. Maybe you had more aggression in you the last time, says Sally comfortingly as the others jeer cruelly. This is quite likely. I think back to when I first got here, and remember the comfort I got from punching the air like a lunatic. It felt good to be letting the rage out. And it made me a champion Wii boxer.

And so it seems that being happy and content has its negative points, and I no longer have the stored-up hurt and hatred necessary to beat up my friends. Sigh. Instead, I find myself crammed into a little room with ten of them, cuddling a big fluffy teddy bear and singing silly and/or soppy songs on the karaoke. At about 1am, we’re all singing this one together, and swaying along.

Being able to beat up my friends was probably better for my street cred. ;)


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