Let It Be

The children at school love to sing. They pick up new songs incredibly quickly, and can remember all the words even when they struggle to remember simple spoken sentences. I’ve found a way to bond with my new classes, by splitting the textbook work into sections, and spending the time in between those singing and chatting with them while we do something simple and fun, like colouring. They love it when I sing along with them (and I think they like the fact that I can happily sit there and colour in just like they do!).

Fortunately, I too love to sing. I got a lovely message on the school website the other day, from the mother of one of the quietest boys I teach. It’s hard to get him to chat, but he loves music. “Every day after school”, wrote his mum, “he sings songs from Musical class and teaches them to his sister”.

To my delight, he also did this at home after learning the song in school:

I think I have a new favourite. ;) These children are still at the stage where writing one word in English can sometimes take a frustratingly long time (tongue out, several letters back-to-front), yet this little boy spent his evening voluntarily writing out lyrics, in English, just for fun. Isn’t it amazing what the Beatles can do?!

Eh, these kids ain’t so bad…


5 thoughts on “Let It Be

  1. Glad you liked it. I have to confess, I’m probably showing a little bit of favourtism towards that boy now. But hopefully if the others notice, they’ll all start writing out Beatles lyrics in an effort to compete for the position of teacher’s pet. ;)

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