How very dare you!

The nits saga continues.

I walked into the office this morning to grab a couple of new whiteboard markers from the supply cupboard, and found the director sitting there with her head in her hands.

Umm… you OK? I asked the top of her head uncertainly. There was a loud sigh, and a face emerged from the hands, looking tired and harassed. It seems that I judged Korea’s attitude towards headlice correctly. When the infested child went home and reported her condition to her parents, they went berserk.

I don’t just mean that they were a little embarrassed or even offended. I mean they were outraged, incensed, furious, hopping mad, wild with anger. They then turned up at the school this morning to inform Jennifer of this. The father is a doctor, and he says that he checked her head last night and found no sign of lice, she told me miserably.

I looked incredulously at her. “But her hair was crawling with them!” It really was. I saw them. But so shameful is it to have headlice in Korea that even acknowledging an obvious problem is a deeply offensive insult. The family are denying everything. And what’s more, they’ve taken the little girl straight out of the school, never to return. Not only that, but they’ve removed her brother from another kindergarten also owned by our principal.

I mean, really?!

It kind of makes you see why they don’t have the same “Alert! There has been an outbreak of headlice in your child’s class!” letters that we have in the UK. All the parents would probably pull their children out of the school immediately.

And so the situation is that we will pretend there are no lice in our midst, and the children who are already affected will innocently pass on the crawlies to all their friends and teachers, until the school is actually taken over and being managed by headlice, and then the parents will be horrified to discover that the whole place is crawling with lice, and remove their kids in disgust.

Just a little prediction. I’m getting good at this. ;)


2 thoughts on “How very dare you!

  1. K8 says:

    Tea Tree oil in the sprinkler system? Jeez but that’s a dilly of a pickle. I shudder at the thought of those wee lice combs… ouch.

  2. Ha! Tea tree oil in the sprinkler system. I like that. :) Now I’m coming up with all sorts of fun ways to deal with the problem without actually acknowledging it!

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