Daejeon loves ya!

On Saturday night, after a long, tiring, but lovely day at a butterfly festival (I’m discovering that Koreans have festivals for pretty much everything!), I dragged myself back out again for South African Friend Three’s farewell party.

It was a fancy dress party, and it was decided that the theme would be “D”, the first letter of said friend’s name. We had a dancer, a deck of cards, a dork, Dame Edna, a couple of dolls, a duck, a diary, a diva, a dreamer, and probably some others I can’t remember. What have you come as? I asked disapprovingly of a guy in ordinary clothes. I’m a dissident, he replied without hesitation. I refuse to dress up just because other people told me to.

I liked that. :)

Irish Friend One was also dressed in normal clothes, announcing that his costume was more a role than an outfit. He was a drunk. He took his part very seriously, and ordered only water and the occasional soft drink all night, which he topped up regularly from the bottles of soju he had smuggled in and hidden under the table.

I went as Daejeon, with the instantly recognisable “It’s Daejeon” logo attached to my head in case there was any doubt about what all the pictures on my t-shirt represented. I have to thank t shirt printing manchester for that one! The response was unexpected. I had complete strangers coming up to me all night and asking if they could have their picture taken with me, or take a photo of my costume. When Dame Edna, a doll, and I arrived at the party, the bar staff almost fell over each other trying to serve us and take photos of us to put on the bar wall. Then a barmaid approached me as I took my first sip of beer.

Do you like tequila? she asked in the shy way that all the Korean barmaids have when they speak English. I nodded, singing the obvious song lyric to her, and she waved a bottle at me. I want tequila shot buy for you please, she said, because you are my city. She then proceeded to set out a glass, salt, and a lemon slice for me, and applauded happily when I solemnly completed the tequila ritual. It’s got me wondering if perhaps I should wear that outfit every time I go out.

The party was fun, even though I did fade towards the end and got told off by Irish Friend One for leaving early – this was at 4am, by the way. I can’t stick the pace like these young’uns, but I’m starting to love the social scene all the same.

This song is now my “Daejeon song”, because it’s played at least once a night no matter where we go, and will forever make me think of Daejeon and my friends here. It’s the type of music I used to not particularly like, but when I hear it while I’m dancing on a crowded dancefloor, and hear everyone singing along and see the crowd bouncing and my friends smiling, it makes me feel happy.

Good times. :)

Our (autographed) photo on the bar wall.


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