OK , two main points to make in this post, and both of them involve things being different, so I’ll lump them together.

Firstly, the trivial pondering: is corn on pizza really a bizarre phenomenon to most people? In Korea, I’m used to a lot of “Wow, that’s really bizarre” moments because things are so different from how they are at home. This is the main way that foreigners bond and identify with each other, because we can all say “You noticed that too? Yeah, what’s all that about?!”. But one that seems to crop up again and again amongst foreigners I know both in person and online is the corn on pizza issue. This completely threw me at first, because I had no idea what they meant, and even now I just quietly accept it without really understanding what the problem is.

Koreans put sweetcorn on their pizzas. Is this weird to you? It certainly is weird to a great number of folk here. But I can’t think of a single pizza place in my home town which didn’t offer corn as a topping. Not only that, but I would regularly choose it if I was doing one of those “create your own pizza” things… or I’d order the vegetarian one, which always had corn on it. I’m now wondering if it’s only my home town – and Korea.  Others seem to react in utter horror, disgust, and bewilderment at the realisation that Koreans think corn is a pizza topping. And I don’t understand. Even if it’s not common outside of Ballymena and Korea (!), surely it’s not such a disgusting concept? It is a salad vegetable, after all, and there’s no problem with putting things like tomatoes and onions on pizzas. Any thoughts?

My other topic for this post is the blog itself. Things may change quite soon, although I’m not entirely sure how and am half-scared that I’m going to lose the whole thing through my own lack of knowledge about how these things work! Basically, I changed to coffee-helps.com some time ago, but being a bit disaster-prone when it comes to anything computer/internet-related, I didn’t know how to do it, and was happy to let my then-significant-other take care of it when he took it upon himself to do so. Then I never thought any more of it. Anyway, now I’ve had a notification from wordpress that I need to pay them some money to keep the Domain Mapping going. I don’t actually know what Domain Mapping is, but I don’t think I’ll be too far wrong when I guess that it’s the set-up that means people who type in coffee-helps.com will be taken to my WordPress-hosted blog.

This is fine, and I can easily do so, but I’m worried about the part of the message that instructs me to also renew my ownership of the domain name itself. Not being the one who organised it all, and no longer being in touch with that person, I’m unlikely to be able to do this, and indeed a search of my emails shows no record of such a thing. It may be that coffee-helps.com will soon be bought by a coffee producer or insomniac or something, and all my readers will be left going “Eh?”, wonder where I’ve gone for a bit, and then forget I existed. I can’t be having this, obviously, and as contacting The Ex is not a road I want to go down having reached a point where I’m pretty much myself again, it looks like the only option is to treat coffee-helps.com as a lost cause and figure out how to buy another domain name and then put my blog on to it and… ugh, I hate this stuff.

If you know how this kind of thing works and can help me, give me advice, do it for me for a fee, whatever, please contact me! Maybe it’s actually really simple, who knows?! My fear of computers and technical terms holds me back. Help me, please!!

Oh, and let me know what you think about the corn, too. :)


23 thoughts on “Differences

  1. About the blog – never mind. Got a very helpful and somewhat surprising email from a reader immediately after posting this. I won’t elaborate, but I think it’s all OK after all.

    About the corn – I still want to know.

  2. The Sister says:

    Corn on a Pizza is indeed horrific, nasty, and a very silly idea, in my opinion. But not that uncommon I wouldn’t think! Mushrooms + onions are a must…I hope this is not frowned apon!!

    • Wow, I have a sister?!!!!! Would ye ever hurry up and get internet or a landline at your house, woman, so I can call you? And also, you would have been one of the ones I thought was a safe bet to agree with me and go “what’s so weird/wrong about corn on pizza?”. I’m now slightly worried that I’ve imagined all the times I’ve had corn on pizza, or even that it’s a regular occurrence on Ballymena pizzas. Sigh…

  3. I knew someone would help you out over coffee-helps.com Hails. I even had a guess as to who they might be.

    And corn on pizza? Why not? It’s yummy. Remember the corn salad in the Pizza Parlour. Just Green Giant corn, peanuts and mayonnaise.

    • And in fact, the Pizza Parlour is the place I was thinking of when I mentioned the vegetarian pizza. Loads of lovely toppings including heaps of corn – delicious. My mum told me she used to ask for it with ham because she loved all the toppings but didn’t like that it didn’t have any meat. I think she worried that the waiter was judgemental of her strange brand of vegetarianism when she asked for “a vegetarian pizza with ham”! :)

  4. erin says:

    corn is not a common topping in the usa, but is indeed a yummy addition! i believe it is pretty common in most other countries…maybe we’re the ones that are weird? probably :)

    • That sounds like a fair assumption. ;) I’m glad that you’re open-minded about the issue. You make me feel better about your country as far as corn is concerned!

  5. I’m with you on the fear of computers, domain names, and so on. I have a friend who set up croquecamille.com for me, and it’s there (if you type it, you just get bounced immediately to my WordPress page), but I’m terrified of the steps involved to move it. What if I lose everything? What if my readers don’t follow me?

    And corn is certainly not a usual pizza topping in my experience, but I say if you like it, go with it! I adore pineapple on pizza, but I know there are a lot of people who disagree with me on that one.

    • I’m so happy that I’m not the only one who is clueless about all this domain stuff! I just find that all the information about what you have to do tends to be written with the assumption that you already know what all the terms mean. I need a For Dummies guide for this one, I’m afraid.

      Pineapple on pizza – not a favourite of mine, but certainly a very common and popular topping where I come from. I’m just not such a fan of sweet stuff, and particularly sweet stuff on savoury food! But I don’t go to the extreme of picking it off, either.

  6. Becs says:

    Phew!! Glad coffee-helps.com is safe.

    Pretty much any food is suitable for pizza topping (including banana) but I would say that corn ranks alongside cheese as a standard topping!! How can they think it’s weird??

    Mmmmmmmm pizza parlour veggie pizza mmmmmmmm……..

    • I’m so glad to have at least one person in the world who shares my opinion on this very important issue we’re debating here! And yes, the Pizza Parlour veggie pizza is one of the nicest pizzas I’ve ever had, along with the pepperoni pizza I had in New York, and the asparagus one I had in Italy. Go, Pizza Parlour – that’s quite an endorsement!!

    • Yes, it’s certainly seeming that it must only be Americans/Canadians here who think this is bizarre. I must gather together my UK/Irish friends for a discussion on the matter…

  7. maureen says:

    Being married to an Italian, I can safely say that he and his family would be HORRIFIED. But now that you mention it, it sounds intriguing – I think I may give it a go :)

    • Ha ha, I hadn’t been thinking about that additional perspective! I suppose Italians must be outraged at a great number of things that the rest of the world has decided are suitable pizza toppings. But yes, you need to try it before you judge. Personally, I think it’s delicious. Onions, peppers, mushrooms, and corn, preferably with pepperoni or ham, and some kind of hot spice: perfection!

  8. The Parents says:

    Nelly beat me to it!. The Pizza Parlour corn salad is yummy and thanks for telling everyone about my veggie and ham pizza…….by the way did you know that the Pizza Parlour has now been taken over by Hussh and has been renovated. xxx

    • You’re welcome. I forgot about Hussh, which I have always felt is spelled wrongly. It should be Hushh, not Hussh! I can bet that this bothers no one other than me, though.

  9. Sweetcornn on pizza is disgusting! But that’s because I hate sweetcorn anywhere. I can’t even stand the smell of it! Not sure if it’s a standard topping in Germany, I’ve never checked (seeing as I wouldn’t want it near my pizza anyway…). It probably is though. They all insist on putting sweetcorn in chilli, which is THE staple food at any party I’m invited to, ever. The good news is that if you don’t bite into the sweetcorn you can’t actually taste it. I’ve lost count of the number of bowls I’ve eaten while chewing as little as possible…

    • Good grief, I’d never wind it up! I’d go back to the simple old wordpress addy before I’d do that! I can’t imagine my life without blogging any more.

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