He used the past tense and everything.

Just one of those little moments that reminds me that however stressful my job can feel at times, and however exhausted I am, it’s totally worth it.

Hello~  Hayley teacher!
I go to Mahyook elementary school now.
I met Sarah teacher here.
You don’t know who’s she.  She was old teacher in kindergarten,
when I was 6 years old.
I am happy, I love school.
I’m missing you. I hope to see you soon.

– a  letter from Jay, my absolute favourite child from last year, one of the ones I cried over saying goodbye to.

He’s 8 years old now in Korean terms, about 6 or 7 in ours. I still miss him and his sweet no-front-teeth smile and big hugs and affectionate kisses, and this little letter made me both well up and grin from ear to ear.

I can’t really put into words why, but it made my day.


3 thoughts on “He used the past tense and everything.

  1. roseski says:

    I was nearly in tears when I marked some of my kids’ literacy work last week and realised Aaron, a very low ability boy, had used a simile in his work! A SIMILE! …I was definitely welling up.

    It really is totally worth it.

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