Lessons Learned

1. I don’t like snow nearly as much as I’ve always thought I did.

2. Asiana Airlines are rubbish, and not a patch on the fabulous Korean Air.

3. People can be really nasty towards one another, as evidenced by the near-riots I witnessed at Brussels airport.

4. People can be really generous, warm, and loving towards one another, as evidenced by the many, many little acts of kindness I witnessed at Brussels airport. These include two young men carefully constructing a little bed out of their own blankets, coats, and sweaters for the baby of a tearful lone woman near them in the chaotic terminal, and also the lovely couple who shared their food and water with me and then insisted on giving me money to make sure I got home OK after my bank blocked my card again (I really must sort out that travel issue!).

5. Planes have to be de-iced before take-off in this weather. I did not know this, and looked out the window with great interest to see if I could spot someone walking around the plane shaking a wee can of de-icer, but sadly didn’t manage to spot him.

6. A neck pillow is an extremely worthwhile investment if you plan on spending a weekend getting stranded in airports and on planes. Not only does it help you rest more comfortably on the plane, but it also doubles up as a back cushion when you’re sitting on an airport floor googling endlessly for flights and trains, a handy buffer between your face and the window when you’re dozing on the bus, and a convenient bum-warmer to let you sit on the freezing cold bench at the bus stop.

7. Belgian waffles are very soothing things.

8. Cats are snooty, unforgiving creatures. But I am still hopelessly in love with mine, even if she continues to ignore my existence.

9. The Irish exude a great collective cheerfulness, positivity, and friendliness that I never really noticed before.

10. However addicted to travel and adventure you may be… at Christmas, there’s no place like home.

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