Boys are mine!!

This conversation amongst my 6-year-olds, a follow-on from a previous discussion on their various romances,  probably doesn’t sound as funny written down, but I was laughing my head off all the way through it. There’s something about their innocence, their enthusiasm, and the fact that they are freely speaking in a language that is not their native tongue, that just makes it very sweet and funny to talk to them when they’re randomly having conversations like this in art class.

Suji: I don’t love Gordon any more.

Me: Why not?

Suji: I like kiss Gordon but he is not nice boy. He doesn’t like girls.

Gordon: I do like girls! I love Irene.

Kevin: No, I love Irene!

Suji: I love you, Kevin.

Kevin: I love ten girls.

Me: TEN?!

Kevin: I most love Stephanie.

Suji: (Miffed) I love Alex.

Me: But doesn’t Alex love Wendy?

Suji: Yes. And Wendy loves Alex.

Me: So what will you do?

Suji: (thoughtfully) I like two boys. One is cute, and one is handsome.

Me: (delighted at sentence structure) OK. Who is cute, and who is handsome?

Suji: Kevin is cute, and Alex is handsome. But Alex is funny, too. (laughs suddenly) Very funny boy! I will marry Alex, not Kevin. Kevin loves all the girls.

Me: But don’t you love all the boys?

Alvin: (disapprovingly – he’s a little old man before his time) She does love all the boys. Kevin loves all the girls.

Me: And what about you, Alvin? Do you love any girls?

Alvin: (firmly shaking head) No! I don’t like girls.

Me: Good! You are a smart boy.

Alvin: Girls are silly. I like BOYS!!

Suji: (defensively) Boys are MINE, Alvin!


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