Do not adjust your screen.

I have officially just had the best working week of my life.

Maybe it’s just because I’ve been away so long and it was quite exciting to come back, the way the first day of the new school year was always exciting back in the day.

Or maybe it was the warm, fuzzy feeling on Monday, when every child who saw me for the first time shrieked “HAYLEY TEACHER!!!” and flung themselves at me for a big hug. One little girl came running up to my classroom when she heard I was back, pushed between Terri and me as we had a catch-up conversation, and leapt into my arms, burst into tears, and refused to let go. She has continued to come up to my classroom every morning for a hug. Terri thinks she’s scared I’m going to go away again and is just checking that I’m still here.

Or maybe it’s that I’ve been relieved of the final extra class that was thrust upon me back in March,  giving me a break at last in the three days when I had back-to-back classes. That hour off makes a huge difference to my energy and enthusiasm in the afternoon!

Or maybe it’s having nice clothes to put on in the morning, and scarves and necklaces and bracelets to go with them.

Or maybe it’s my new coffee maker, which I bought for next to nothing from a friend who’s moving soon. It now sits on my bedside table. I filled it up before bed last night, and then pressed the button when my alarm went off this morning. I dozed on for a while, and was gradually awakened by the scent of coffee filling the room. Perfection!

Or maybe it’s the exercise I’ve been doing every morning, or the brisk walk to work in the fresh, cold weather, or the healthy breakfasts, or the delicious school lunches (with the cooking lady delighted to see her best eater again, and plying me with kimchi and gochujang), or my nice tidy apartment, or my plans to spend a relaxing weekend catching up with my friend, or the fact that my classes have been well-behaved and generally great fun all week.

Or maybe it’s a combination of all these things. Whatever it is, it’s made for a great week. I hope yours was as good! I apologise for the fact that this post isn’t very entertaining, but I find that my best writing is done when I’m in a bad mood and having a rant about something. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I haven’t got anything to rant about this week!

Don’t worry, I’m sure normal service will be restored shortly. :)


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