In my head.

I had this dream last night that my scalp was really itchy, and when I scratched it this big flaky piece came off in my hand. I was quite dismayed, but imagine my surprise when I went to a mirror and started to pull out these big pieces of what I thought was skin, only to discover that they were in fact some very old and fragile pages from a poetry book. Some fell apart as soon as I touched them, but the ones that remained intact were full of beautiful classic poems (the only one I can recall is one by Yeats).

So I started to get quite concerned about what else could be lurking in the curly depths of my scalp, and started rooting around in there with the help of a mirror and a flashlight. And there, buried far beneath the tangled hair, munching quite happily on a small piece of leaf, was a little red snail.

I just dare you to try to interpret this.

7 thoughts on “In my head.

  1. I dare.

    The interpretation is as follows.

    Your subconscious mind is telling you that you will achieve fame & fortune by writing children’s books. I’m thinking books aimed at the 0-7 year old audience. Now all you need is a fabulous illustrator.

  2. Jen says:

    Something you thought was worthless turns out to be incredibly valuable. But then you are distracted by a gastrophod.

    Interpretation: ignore bad influences in your life and realise that what’s inside you is valuable.

    /goes back to drinking (more) wine and contemplates career as fortune cookie writer.

  3. Billy says:

    Ermm…every piece of hair on your head is as precious and beautiful as a piece of classic poetry, but you don’t realise it because of the beanie with the red snail on it that you insist upon wearing?

    I was going to say that the snail represented negative thoughts, but that sounded altogether too serious.

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