What’s Up?

This one’s really for my mum and dad, to let them hear my progress in the whole guitar-learning area. I debated giving it a password and letting only them have access to it, but then I thought, hey (yea, yea, yea, hey, yea, yea), I’ve never done that, and if my readers don’t want to stay with a world-travellin’, blog writin’, cocktail drinkin’, English teachin’, guitar playin’, 90s cheesy pop singin’ sensation, they can find some other blog to read, can’t they? ;)

I recorded this after a mammoth practice session, simply because I was genuinely overjoyed to finally be able to play a song and sing it at the same time. Granted, the only reason I can do this is because it contains four easy chords repeated over and over again, but hey (yea, yea, yea, hey, yea, yea), it’s a start – and it has the bonus of being a song I loved as a teenager, too. Parents, click the link below to hear how I’m spending my evenings over here…

What’s Up


6 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. Becs says:

    Wow!!! That’s brilliant! Great song. Very impressed. Can’t wait for the first sing song when u next visit home :)

  2. The Parents says:

    That’s my girl! Well done. Going to play it to your Dad when he gets home and see if he can guess who it is. I’m with Becs…..can’t wait for the sing song! xxx

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