The Circle of Life

Bzzzzzzzzzzz! Bzzzz-bzzzz-bzzzzzzzzzzz!

I pause midway through my sentence and look nervously around me. Terri hastily pushes her chair back from her desk, her eyes darting around the room. The buzzing stops.

Errr… yes… I continue uncertainly. So, I woke up with a jump, and the only thought in my head was –

Bzzzzzzzzz! Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! BZZZZZZZZZ!

– what the hell IS that?! I conclude with a great deal of anxiety. The buzzing continues noisily, and we wonder if it might be the computer. It is not. Both of us are understandably on edge after each recently having a class interrupted by the appearance of one of these horrific things…

…so obviously it is now completely impossible to continue with our conversation, given that we may be about to die grisly and gruesome deaths at the hands of some ginormous multi-legged mutant creature.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Bzzzzzz-bzzzz-bzzzzz!

We gaze suspiciously at Terri’s desk. It may be time to think about tidying your desk, I advise nervously, wondering how many millions of horrifying crawly things are living under her mountains of paperwork and coffee cups.


The buzzing becomes continuous and we become semi-hysterical. Then we find the perpetrator – an upside-down winged thing which is approximately the size of a Yorkshire Terrier – lying on its back next to the desk. We are trapped and helpless. I absolutely cannot cope with this sort of emergency situation when I haven’t even taken my first sip of coffee of the day from the mug in my hand.

HELLLLLLLLLLP!!!!! we bawl, practically clutching each other and holding our skirts up around our knees.

BZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! goes the Thing.

Oh, for goodness sake, says Chris, entering at a run with Dani and seeing the flesh-eating piranha-with-wings, it’s just a baby dragonfly. 

He picks it up gently as Terri and I back around the edge of the classroom, gibbering in fear. It’s tiny! Look at it! It’s cute! What did you think it was going to do to you? It’s only a little baby. Dani, also amused, opens the window for him, and the pair of them release the Creature as if they are performing a symbolic gesture and setting free a beautiful white dove in the name of peace and harmony, and not rescuing us from a dangerous wild animal that was trying to kill us. They are practically cooing over it, in the manner of proud parents over a particularly cute baby. I just don’t understand some people.

The Creature soars free from Chris’ hand… straight into the open and waiting beak of a passing bird. The incredulous dismay on the faces of Dani and Chris is priceless.

Birds are our friends.


5 thoughts on “The Circle of Life

  1. Hahaha…I’m surprised that such an intrepid traveler as yourself would be afraid of a baby dragonfly, but I guess we all have our weak spots. You probably would not have done so well with the scorpions and rattlesnakes we had in Arizona, huh? : )

    • I am only scared of two things: insects and cotton wool. The latter is inexplicable, but the insect one is just a general distrust of things that could scuttle up my legs and crawl over me – ughhhhhhhhhhhh! They are horrible, ugly, terrifying creatures and the world would be a better place without them.

      Rattlesnakes, on the other hand, would be cool. :)

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