Loving Life

My friends seem to have decided that I have some kind of Jekyll/Hyde situation going on, for they now treat me as two very different people. Our names are Winter Hails and Summer Hails.

Winter Hails made her appearance around October or November, and was with us until about the middle of June. She is a tranquil soul, and has absolutely no desire to be in the company of other people, save for the occasional quiet meal or coffee with no more than one or two close friends. She forces herself to join in when there’s  a special event like a birthday party, but is ready to go home after about an hour or so. She hates the loud music, the noisy crowds, the small talk and mingling. She is always the first one to go home, and it will be weeks before she is seen again. She is a mature, dignified, sensible grown-up who enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and probably pottering in the garden, if she had one.

But now, for the second year running, Summer Hails has arrived in a confusing, chaotic and whirly hot mess. For some inexplicable reason, she is almost the exact opposite of Winter Hails. She gets bored after too many quiet nights in, plans activities with as many different people as possible, and survives on far too little sleep. She goes out for dinner on a Wednesday night (having already been out on Tuesday), for example, and drinks soju until the restaurant closes, then drags her companions into the first noraebang she sees on the way home, spending the next two hours singing the most ridiculous selection of songs you can possibly imagine, before dancing home and sending a variety of entertaining and insightful emails to a large number of lucky individuals, before realising it’s after 4am and not actually the weekend. She wakes up a few hours later, stumbles into work worryingly hangover-free but decidedly confused and disoriented, and plows through the day on autopilot, trying to work out whether she can schedule in a quick nap before repeating the entire process again that night… and the next…

She takes on projects, she gets more work done in a single evening than Winter Hails does in a month, she goes to art galleries and museums and pretentious coffee shops and baseball games and movies, she parties, she volunteers to tutor a friend, she develops strong opinions about everything, she studies a language, she practices guitar with manic determination, and when there’s nothing else to do, she turns a quiet and civilised post-work dinner into a party.

I don’t know that I find either of these girls particularly appealing, but Summer Hails does seem to be a lot more popular. She is also way more positive and cheerful, which possibly has something to do with it. Last night she stepped outside the restaurant to take a phone call, and, looking around her, was suddenly overcome with the wonders of being alive. She floated back in to her companions, all hippy-dippy-like, and began to extol the virtues of Korea, and the lifestyle, and the culture, and the neon lights, and the food, and the people, and ohmygoodness let’s go to a noraebang right now, guys!!!

Must be something to do with Vitamin D and sunlight, I don’t know. Whatever causes it, it’s quite good fun. :)

Apart from finding all those sent emails the next morning. And then reading them.


3 thoughts on “Loving Life

  1. Nic says:

    think it is something to do with sunlight and S.A.D which is not saying by the way that you are sad! Think you try to cram everything in during summer months as you have more energy and become lethargic in the winter!

  2. Yes, I definitely suffered from SAD in Estonia, where there was hardly any daylight during winter. But I’m surprised that it could affect me here, as it’s actually pretty sunny throughout winter! Plus I spend summer crawling around like a dying animal in the heat, dripping with sweat and not feeling particularly energetic… yet despite it all, I’m just go-go-go! Very strange.

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