We’re all going on our summer holidays…

Summer holiday travels in Korea: Day One

Sunday morning. My bag is packed, the details of how to get to my first destination are all scribbled down, I am well rested… well, no, I’m not, actually. Owing to an impromptu dinner round at a friend’s place last night, which somehow ended with me sitting watching an opera (!) with her boyfriend and far too many bottles of wine long after she’d given up and gone to bed, I didn’t get home till some stupid hour of the morning. Add this to an entire week of late dinners, post-work drinks, a couple of parties, and a baseball game, and you’ve got one somewhat knackered Hails. Will maybe just sleep for a few more hours.

Sunday evening. Aw, crap.

Summer holiday travels in Korea: Day Two

Monday morning. Right, here I go. I throw my bag on my back, sling my camera over my shoulder, grab my fan, and leave the apartment. I am only mildly surprised to find that I can’t see out of the hall windows thanks to the fact that the heavy clouds have eclipsed any sunshine that might have been present, and also the fact that it is raining so heavily that the water is not so much running down the glass as gushing in thick sheets. Return to apartment to have another coffee and see if it calms down out there.

Monday afternoon. There is an eerie silence. I wonder if I’ve gone deaf, but then I realise that the rain has just eased off, that’s all. Hurriedly, I gather myself up and head out once again. Standing at the edge of the road to hail a taxi to the station, I  become a little perturbed by the number of people taking photos of me. I can’t see them, but they’re there all the same. Flash, go their cameras. Flash, flash, flash. No, hang on a minute. That would be a lightning storm arriving, then. Crash! Roar! goes the thunder, all of a sudden. Angry weather goblins in the sky start to pour Olympic swimming pool-sized containers of water all over me. Flash! Flash! Crash! Roar! goes the world as it explodes around me. Oh, bloody hell! I exclaim, suddenly wishing I wasn’t holding a lightning-attracting umbrella and a non-waterproof camera. I run back home and spend the evening drying out and watching the storm from my window.

Summer holiday travels in Korea: Day Three

Tuesday morning. I peer out the window. It is not raining. I get dressed. It is not raining. I gather up my things. It is not raining. In a sudden, last-minute flash of inspiration, I check the weather forecast.

I spend the day playing my guitar, writing, studying French, and drinking coffee. It is not altogether unpleasant, to be honest, plus I get to grumble to myself about my failed plans, and I do enjoy that.

Tuesday evening. It has not rained all day. Obviously.


3 thoughts on “We’re all going on our summer holidays…

  1. Not back to work till Monday – I was planning to go to Andong to visit a traditional village, and then go stay in an artists’ retreat nearby. But I don’t know if that’s possible now! Still, at least I get to go to the farewell party for one of my best friends tomorrow night now. And maybe I’ll still make it to Andong, Friday looks as if there’ll be less rain…! Lesson learned – leave Korea for summer vacation…

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