Blue Day

Today was Blue Day.

Not an official Korean holiday, nor a day on which to feel a little bit sad without really knowing why, but the second in a series of our school’s theme days. The idea is to get the kindergarteners excited about learning English by teaching them vocabulary and sentence structures while disguising it as a theme party. :) Red Day, last month, was such a success that we decided to have another colour theme – and the kids and the school looked so cute last time that I felt compelled to bring my camera along for this one!

The theme day takes place on a Friday, and normal classes are mostly cancelled during the ‘build-up’ week as we introduce relevant vocabulary and topics using art projects, worksheets, quizzes and so on. Our topics this time have been “the big, blue sea” and “my blue clothes”. Believe it or not, your average 5-year-old is capable of talking for hours on end when you’re asking them to describe every single item of blue clothing they possess. This is not particularly exciting for the teacher after the first ten minutes or so, but you get by, feeding off the children’s excitement and the caffeine in your coffee. The Big Blue Sea project was much more fun for Hayley Teacher:

Not only is it a fabulous work of art, but each child can now confidently talk in English about things that live in the sea, and tell me all about their favourite sea creature, since we chatted about it all as we were drawing, colouring and painting the poster.

And finally, this morning, I woke up nearly as excited as the little ‘uns, singing the Blue song as I put on my blue t-shirt and all the blue accessories I could find.

School had been magically transformed overnight into some kind of magical wonderland, with blue balloons and streamers and decorations made by the children.

Youngsters were almost falling off the school bus in their haste to get inside and see what blue clothes their friends were wearing, and everyone was clutching a blue toy for show and tell. They had blue-themed games in the gym with their Korean teachers, while we foreign teachers each spent time with our own classes, just playing with the toys and chatting about all their blue projects and their blue clothes. It is so nice to see the delight of a little boy when he proudly shows you his toy helicopter that carries a car inside, or a little girl cuddling her fluffy blue penguin, instead of having to shush them and force them to do their writing.

After lunch, it was face-painting time – with a blue or sea connection, of course! I was rather proud of my dolphins:

And my swan:

And finally, here’s a little video to let you have a peek around the door…

Happy Blue Day!


3 thoughts on “Blue Day

  1. Loved this! Loved your headdress, loved the kids, and especially loved the balloon butterflies, which I must learn how to make. Oh, and your face painting was very good. The swan was my favorite. ; )

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