You’ve got a friend in me.

Oh, help.

I can’t really write anything tonight because of all the tears, so suffice it to say that the whole saying goodbye to the kids thing doesn’t get any easier from one year to the next.

After our last lesson together, and hugs galore, two of my girls came to my classroom with a parting gift from the whole class.

They’d each written me a little goodbye note with no help from a teacher, complete with a snapshot of each one of them on their first day in my class.

In floods of tears already, I put the CD in and found myself watching a year of memories thoughtfully and painstakingly put together by the very sweet Korean homeroom teacher. So yeah. I am officially an emotional wreck tonight. I can only let you watch this by way of explanation (although the quality isn’t nearly as good after uploading, but you’ll get the idea!). It’s a gift that I will treasure forever…


5 thoughts on “You’ve got a friend in me.

  1. That was beautiful. I can understand why you will treasure it. I felt myself welling up too and I don’t even know the children! But I know you and I think your longer hairstyle is the bees knees.

    • I can’t watch it without crying! It’s a beautiful souvenir of our time together.

      As for the hair, though, I had it all chopped off into a bob two nights ago. Oops! :D

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