Big cats and friendly monsters

You know when you’re just hanging out with your friends, chatting and laughing and so on, and a giant blue cat or pair of zombies wearing sandwich boards come wandering past you?

You don’t? Then you probably don’t live in Korea.

They’re very into dressing people up, here,  and sending them out onto the streets to advertise one thing or another. It must be a very demeaning job, if you ask me, as the poor people inside the suits have to do specific dance moves or actions every time they meet a new person – which is every second, basically – and are generally completely ignored by everyone. Never mind the fact that it’s now summer… I can’t imagine how they feel in those huge, heavy costumes, when I’m sweating just from sitting at the table sipping an iced drink under a parasol.

These unfortunate critters came sauntering down the street yesterday as we sat  on the decking outside our usual convenience store, watching the sun set behind the buildings.

Intrigued, we called them over with a hearty “Yogi-yo!”, and unashamedly photographed them from all angles while they tried to explain what the heck they were doing. Some kind of opening night, apparently. None of us really cared, let’s be honest. :)

Just another one of those things you get used to seeing every day in Korea!


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