Super happy healthy miracle wonder noodles!

As I was browsing in my local store after work this evening, searching for new ideas for nice, healthy meals, I made the most incredible discovery.

Hiding away amongst the tofu and the ddeok were several little bags of noodles in water. I did a double take as I saw the calorie information at the bottom: 60 calories in 400g of noodles?! That couldn’t be right! A quick Google search directed me to an article about konnyaku – a “miracle” Japanese health food. Almost completely calorie-free, it’s a gelatinous substance commonly sold in slabs or blocks, much like tofu is. It is also, however, available in noodle form. These noodles seem to be a little higher in calories than the “5kcals per 100g” kind I’ve been reading about, but still… compared to spaghetti and noodles, they’re floaty light!

I grabbed a packet of these magical creations, and went home to rustle up some dinner. I stir-fried lots and lots of fresh vegetables, threw in a few chopped crab sticks, and stirred it all together with a packet of powdered clam chowder, water, mixed herbs, and red pepper flakes. Then I just chucked in the noodles and let it all simmer while I suffered some more at the hands of Jillian Michaels. By the time I got out of the shower, I was able to dish up a spicy, tasty noodle dish, and eat my fill of it without feeling guilty.

There’s still well over half of it left for tomorrow’s dinner, and I feel like I’ve just had one of my favourite meals (I reallllly love my spaghetti and noodles!) without it hindering my weight loss efforts. Result!

Gotta love the Japanese…


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