Raring to go

It was a busy week, my week of trying new things.

I watched American football (not a clue), I went to a baseball game as part of a staff group with the workers from The Local (“no, she doesn’t work with us… but she’s part of the furniture”), I tried green enchiladas (yum!!) and raspberry mojitos (not so yum – don’t mess with perfection). I went on a date with a guy I don’t really know. This is a pretty huge deal for me, as I have never actually been on a proper first date before (only friendships that became relationships) – I was a nervous wreck, but it was kinda fun! I went to the first meeting of my new French conversation club, where I sat in a wine bar with a group of mostly strangers and spoke in French the entire time. I partied all night on a Thursday just because I unexpectedly had the next morning off work, and I spent Friday night both in deep conversation with Wednesday’s date, and letting Frankie from The Local fling me around the dance floor to teach me some flamboyant Mexican-style dance.

Yes, it was a good week.

Of course, come Saturday, having barely been in the house since the previous week, I was exhausted and feeling elderly, so reluctantly cancelled my dinner plans and opted to spend the day in bed with season 2 of Breaking Bad. Now, this next part is one of the things about life in Korea that is so ridiculous and yet so fabulous. After spending the day alternating between watching the show and sleeping, now wide awake and refreshed, I got a text from a friend at 3am. The Local isn’t the same without you. :( Come out for an hour?

It’s 3am! I texted back, amused.

My phone rang – a different person this time. Just pull on some sweats and let’s go hang out at the GS for a little bit.

It’s 3am!! I responded, laughing.

The first friend texted again. Just one drink… you know you want to. 

Who goes out at 3 in the feckin’ morning?! I replied, as I was getting up and walking to the shower. I think we all know the answer to that.

30 minutes later, I was sitting with the two satisfied persuaders and several random strangers, playing card games around a table outside the GS25 as the party people swarmed through the buzzing streets. There was a lot of laughter, silly conversation, soju. I couldn’t have had a more fitting end to my fun week – nicely rounded off by a Sunday evening of hearty Korean food and then board games and ice cream in a coffee shop with my newest friends as the rain pounded against the windows.

It was a week of trying new things, and honestly, it was one of the best weeks I’ve ever had. There’s something to be said for keeping busy, expanding your circle of friends, letting people (try to) teach you about their favourite sport, exercising till it hurts, dancing till you have to stop for breath, having that little tub of ice cream just because you want it, and knowing that it won’t undo all your hard work, getting over your nerves and letting a nice fella take you out for dinner, talking to strangers, socialising in another language without worrying about all your mistakes, going out at 3.30 in the morning just because you can, playing board games for hours on end, and treating yourself to a day of lazing in bed watching back to back episodes of a TV show.

I might aim to fit just as much into this week, as for once, it is Monday morning and I am full of energy and raring to go! It truly beats going home from work, slumping down on the bed, and remaining there until it’s time for work the next morning. Carpe diem! 


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