To Becs, on your 30th birthday

You’re thirty!

So am I, and I assure you, it’s not that bad after all. Happy 30th birthday to my oldest (but not old!!) friend, and may this be the start of the best decade yet!

I’ve known you since we were the same age as the little ‘uns I now teach, and in over a quarter of a century of friendship (holy crap) I have trusted you with all my secrets, dreams, problems, and crazy ideas. You are the friend who has heard it all, been there through the heartbreaks, cheered me on when everyone thought I was mad, bluntly told me to wise up when I was being an idiot, and been able to finish my sentences.

With you, I have gone from singing Spice Girls songs into hairbrushes to drunk-singing at you over the phone from the other side of the world. With you, I have watched The Riddlers and Timmy Mallett, studied for exams (remember when we could recite all the US presidents… backwards?!), made giggly phone calls to boys, entertained classmates with debate speeches about The X Files. With you, I exchanged pages and pages of angst, humour, disturbing philosophy, and utter nonsense in the letters we wrote all through our teens. With you, I could always be myself.

You are that friend who has always been there, is always there, and will always be there, wherever we end up and whatever we do. You are a sister to me, and you have been a part of every chapter of my life and every major decision I’ve made. In my head, I still see us as those little girls eating jam sandwiches in front of the TV or playing in the paddling pool during the summer holidays… or the teenagers who laughed, cried, argued, and thought thirty was, like, really, really OLD.

But alas, now we are grown-ups, and as the one who reached 30 first the only advice I can offer is a reminder that being a grown-up does not mean you have to grow up. :)Always keep living life to the max and having fun. You truly lived your twenties, and I can’t wait to see what you do with your thirties. You are one of the most genuinely thoughtful, kind-hearted, funny, popular, and generally fantastic people I know, and I will always be thankful that we became best friends all the way back in the 1980s in that wee classroom with the tiny red chairs.

So, my friend, from all the way over here in Korea, I send you my love, my hugs, my best wishes, my party vibes, and a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy your holiday, drink that champagne, and I will raise a glass to you over here.

Love you, my friend. Here’s to 30. Here’s to you. And here’s to you being 30 and ROCKING IT!


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