Guilty pleasures

Peanut butter on a spoon, straight from the jar. Girly TV shows like Ugly Betty and Gilmore Girls. Seeing the name of someone I have a crush on followed by “likes your status/link/photo”. Gingerbread Lattes.

Smoking. Playing the same song over and over again and singing along until I know all the words.  Reading fiction by Danielle Steele, Virginia Andrews, Stephanie Meyer, and similar. Skinny dipping.

Diet Coke. Facebook stalking. Spending the whole day in bed, watching TV (and cuddling, if not alone). Combining bathroom cleaning and showering. Going back to sleep after the alarm goes off. Erasure, especially this song. Very expensive coffee.  Driving too fast with the music up loud.

Stripping naked under the aircon as soon as I get home on summer evenings. Listening to my neighbour singing in the shower. McDonald’s. Repeatedly daydreaming about what may happen or mentally reliving something that already has. Gangnam Style. Drinking cocktails on a Monday night.

Occasionally going back to an article I had published online, to see the current total number of readers and feel a bit giddy. Still cuddling Eeyore when I go to sleep, even though I’m in my thirties. Eavesdropping on strangers having hilarious arguments. Crisps.

Writing corny poetry I’ll never show anyone. Eating leftovers from the saucepan. Driving while playing a meaningful song full blast and pretending I’m in a movie and this is my soundtrack at the emotional climax. Karaoke.


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